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barrier /ˈbæriə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

مرز ، نقطه اغاز مسابقه اسبدوانی ، مانع (دو و میدانی) ، نرده ، مانع ، سد ، حصار ، راه کسی را بستن ، عمران: حصار ، شیمی: سد ، روانشناسی: مانع ، زیست شناسی: دیواره ، ورزش: مانع ، علوم نظامی: تور سیمی سد کننده حرکت هواپیما
مهندسی صنایع: مانع ، سد ، حصار ، مشکل

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- barricade, bar, blockade, boundary, fence, obstacle, obstruction, wall
- hindrance, difficulty, drawback, handicap, hurdle, obstacle, restriction, stumbling block
English Thesaurus: wall, fence, railings, barrier, screen, ...

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barrier W3 /ˈbæriə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: barriere, from barre; bar1]

1. a rule, problem etc that prevents people from doing something, or limits what they can do:
He advocated the removal of trade barriers.
barrier to
Problems with childcare remain the biggest barrier to women succeeding at work.
barrier between
barriers between doctors and patients

2. a type of fence or gate that prevents people from moving in a particular direction:
Crowds burst through the barriers and ran onto the pitch.

3. a physical object that keeps two areas, people etc apart
barrier between
The mountains form a natural barrier between the two countries.

4. the 10-second/40% etc barrier a level or amount of 10 seconds, 40% etc that is seen as a limit which it is difficult to get beyond:
I’m hoping to crash the 20-second barrier in the final and get a bronze.
sound barrier, crash barrier

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I. fence/gate
ADJ. physical | crash, crush, flood, police, protective, security, ticket | sound (figurative) the first plane to break the sound barrier
VERB + BARRIER build, erect, install | break through The crowd managed to break through the barriers and get onto the pitch.
PREP. at a/the ~ Please show your ticket at the barrier.
behind a/the ~ The police waited behind the barriers.
through a/the ~ There was a slow trickle of people through the barriers.

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II. thing that causes problems
ADJ. effective, formidable, major | class, cultural, language, racial, trade
VERB + BARRIER build, create, erect, put up, set up The old laws created barriers to free trade.
break down, lift, lower, reduce, remove | cross They believe that sport can cross any barriers.
be faced with, encounter, face | overcome, transcend
PREP. ~ against The country has set up barriers against imports.
~ between a class barrier between the two families
~ to a formidable barrier to communication

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III. physical object that prevents sb/sth passing
ADJ. impassable, impenetrable | natural
PREP. ~ between The mountains form a natural barrier between the two countries.

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trade barriers (=things such as taxes that make trade between countries difficult)
The aim was to remove trade barriers and open up free markets.
the language barrier (=the problem of understanding people who do not speak the same language.)
Living in China was hard for me at first because of the language barrier.
cultural/racial/class barriers
Sport is a sure way to break down racial barriers.
social barriers
The Internet allows people of all ages to interact without the usual social barriers.
technical/legal/political barriers
Most of the technical barriers have been solved.
artificial barriers
They were committed to breaking down the artificial barriers to women’s achievement.
regulatory barriers
Regulatory barriers have been an obstacle to international co-operation between police forces.
bureaucratic barriers
This is one of many bureacratic barriers preventing the unemployed from claiming benefit.
institutional/organizational barriers
Institutional barriers limit what can be achieved.
break/tear down barriers
Most companies have broken down the old barriers of status among the workers.
cross/transcend barriers (=avoid barriers that usually exist)
Music has the great advantage of crossing cultural barriers.
remove/eliminate/lift barriers
Will this remove the barriers to change?
overcome barriers
There are still many more barriers that need to be overcome.
reduce/lower barriers
We should be reducing barriers to imports from poor countries.
erect/build/put up barriers
Some kids have erected emotional barriers that stop them from learning.
create barriers
Uniforms are one of the things that create barriers.

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