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bar /bɑː $ bɑːr/ noun [countable]
bar verb (past tense and past participle barred, present participle barring) [transitive]

کانون وکلا ، جایگاه متهمین در دادگاه ، چوب افقی بالای مانع (دو و میدانی) ، ستون ، میله اهنی ، نوشگاه ، خور ، میل ، میله ، شمش ، تیر ، نرده حائل ، مانع شدن ، (مج). مانع ، جای ویژه زندانی در محکمه ، (با(theوکالت ، دادگاه ، هیئت وکلاء ، میکده ، بارمشروب فروشی ، ازبین رفتن) ادعا) رد کردن دادخواست ، بستن ، مسدودکردن ، بازداشتن ، ممنوع کردن ، بجز ، باستنثاء ، بنداب ، علوم مهندسی: بند ، عمران: میل گرد ، معماری: بساط پیاله فروشان ، قانون ـ فقه: کرسی خطابه وکلا ، زیست شناسی: بنداب ، بازرگانی: مفتول ، ورزش: چوب افقی بالای مانع ، علوم هوایی: واحد فشار ، علوم نظامی: پیشرفتگی اب به ساحل ، علوم دریایی: پیش بندر

: bar 2

بستن ، مسدودکردن ، سدکردن ، بازداشتن ، حساب نکردن ، جای دهنه دردهن اسب
مهندسی صنایع: میله ، میل ، شمش کامپیوتر: نوار- میله کامپیوتر: نوار ، میله

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the Bar
barristers, body of lawyers, counsel, court, judgment, tribunal
- rod, paling, palisade, pole, rail, shaft, stake, stick
- obstacle, barricade, barrier, block, deterrent, hindrance, impediment, obstruction, stop
- public house, boozer (Brit., Austral. & N.Z. informal), canteen, counter, inn, pub (informal, chiefly Brit.), saloon, tavern, watering hole (facetious slang)
- fasten, barricade, bolt, latch, lock, secure
- obstruct, hinder, prevent, restrain
- exclude, ban, black, blackball, forbid, keep out, prohibit
Antonyms: advantage, admit, include
Contrasted words: accommodation, convenience, facility, service, accept, receive, welcome, allow, let, permit, back, support, uphold
Related Words: clog, encumbrance, hamper, hindrance, impediment, hurdle, obstacle, obstruction, stumbling block, check, checkrein, control, curb, bamboo curtain, iron curtain, difficulty, hardship, vicissitude, barrelhouse, bistro, bottle club, cabaret, café, dive, honky-tonk, nightclub, rathskeller, roadhouse, wineshop, block, hinder, leave out, omit, pass over, banish, deport, exile, ostracize, halt, stop
English Thesaurus: bar, pub, public house, sb’s local, inn, ...

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Bar, the noun

1. British English the profession of being a barrister, or the members of this profession:
He retired after 25 years at the Bar.

2. American English the profession of being a lawyer, or the members of this profession:
the State Bar of California

3. American English informal the exam that you must take to become a lawyer

4. be called to the Bar British English to become a barrister

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I. bar1 S1 W1 /bɑː $ bɑːr/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: barre]

a) a place where alcoholic drinks are served ⇒ pub:
The hotel has a licensed bar.
a cocktail bar
b) British English one of the rooms inside a pub:
The public bar was crowded.

2. PLACE TO BUY DRINK a counter where alcoholic drinks are served:
They stood at the bar.

3. a wine/coffee/snack etc bar a place where a particular kind of food or drink is served

4. a breakfast bar British English a place in your kitchen at home where you eat breakfast or a quick meal

5. BLOCK SHAPE a small block of solid material that is longer than it is wide:
a chocolate bar
a candy bar
bar of
a bar of soap

6. PIECE OF METAL/WOOD a length of metal or wood put across a door, window etc to keep it shut or to prevent people going in or out:
houses with bars across the windows

7. behind bars informal in prison:
Her killer was finally put behind bars.

8. MUSIC a group of notes and rests, separated from other groups by vertical lines, into which a line of written music is divided:
a few bars of the song

9. bar to (doing) something written something that prevents you from achieving something that you want:
I could see no bar to our happiness.

10. the bar
a) British English the group of people who are barristers
b) American English an organization consisting of lawyers

11. be called to the bar
a) British English to become a barrister
b) American English to become a lawyer

12. ON COMPUTER SCREEN a long narrow shape along the sides or at the top of a computer screen, usually containing signs that you can click on:
the main menu bar at the top of the screen
the toolbarscroll bar

13. IN SPORTS the long piece of wood or metal across the top of the goal in sports such as football:
The ball hit the bar.

14. PILE OF SAND/STONES a long pile of sand or stones under the water at the entrance to a harbour

15. COLOUR/LIGHT a narrow band of colour or light

16. UNIFORMS a narrow band of metal or cloth worn on a military uniform to show rank

17. HEATER British English the part of an electric heater that provides heat and has a red light

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II. bar2 verb (past tense and past participle barred, present participle barring) [transitive]

1. to officially prevent someone from entering a place or from doing something
bar somebody from (doing) something
They seized his passport and barred him from leaving the country.

2. to prevent people from going somewhere by placing something in their way:
She ran back, but Francis barred her way.
A locked gate barred my entrance to the wood.

3. (also bar up) to shut a door or window using a bar or piece of wood so that people cannot get in or out

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III. bar3 preposition

1. except:
We had recorded the whole album, bar one track.

2. bar none used to emphasize that someone is the best of a particular group:
He’s the most talented actor in the country, bar none.

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I. for drinks/food
ADJ. licensed | crowded | lounge, public, saloon | gay, singles | cocktail, wine | breakfast, coffee, salad, sandwich, snack
VERB + BAR drop into, go to, stop at He often drops into a bar on the way home from work.
manage, run
BAR + NOUN food, menu, snacks | stool
PREP. in a/the ~ There were not many people in the bar.

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II. counter
VERB + BAR be propping up (humorous), drink at, lean on, sit at, stand at You can usually find him propping up the bar of the Red Lion.
serve behind I didn't recognize the man who was serving behind the bar.
PREP. at the ~ They were chatting at the bar.
behind the ~ The barmaid stood behind the bar.

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III. in music
VERB + BAR hum, play, sing She played a few bars on the piano.
PREP. in a/the ~ the notes in the first bar
PHRASES two, four, etc. beats to the bar

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ADV. effectively
PREP. from The curfew has effectively barred migrant workers from their jobs.

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a wine bar (=a bar selling mostly wine, in contrast to a pub)
He asked her to meet him in a trendy wine bar.
a coffee bar
We met up in the student coffee bar.
a sandwich/snack bar (=an informal restaurant or shop selling sandwiches/snacks)
I usually get some lunch from the sandwich bar.
a burger bar (=an informal restaurant selling burgers and fast food)
The kids all hang out at the local burger bar.
a juice bar (=a place selling fruit juices, usually freshly made)
The leisure centre also has a restaurant and a juice bar.
a sushi bar (=a bar or informal restaurant selling sushi)
Have you tried that new sushi bar in town?
a tapas bar (=a bar or informal restaurant serving small dishes of Spanish food)
Madrid is full of great tapas bars.
a salad bar (=a part of a restaurant where you can serve yourself to a range of salads )
When you’ve chosen your pizza, please help yourself from the salad bar.

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See: behind bars , parallel bars

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Browning Automatic Rifle

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Sand bank that forms at the mouths of rivers and that often limits the type of ships that are able to reach up-river destinations.

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