beat down
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beat   down  

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beat down
Synonyms: conquer, bear down, crush, defeat, overpower, reduce, subdue, subjugate, vanquish

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beat down phrasal verb (see also beat)

1. if the sun beats down, it shines very brightly and the weather is hot

2. if the rain beats down, it is raining very hard

3. beat the door down to hit a door so hard that it falls down

4. beat somebody down British English to persuade someone to reduce a price
beat somebody down to
He wanted £4,500 for the car, but I beat him down to £3,850.

5. beat somebody ↔ down to make someone feel defeated, so they no longer respect themselves:
The women seemed beaten down.

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beat down
beat (someone) down
to make someone tired or unable to continue doing something.
I like the work, but the schedule just beats me down and wears on me.

Usage notes: often used in the form be beaten down:
Paul was so beaten down by his debts that he couldn't even think.

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beat down
1. To crush or break the spirit of; win over; conquer.
All their defenses were beaten down by the tanks.
2. informal a. To try to get reduced; force down by discussing.
Can we beat down the price? b. To persuade or force (someone) to accept a lower price or easier payments.
He tried to beat us down, so we did not sell the house.
3. To shine brightly or hotly.
At noon the sun beat down on our heads as we walked home.

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