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beat /biːt/ verb (past tense beat, past participle beaten /ˈbiːtn/)
beat noun
beat adjective [not before noun]

Irregular Forms: (beaten)

تغییرات شدت صوت در اثر تداخل ضربان ، پیروزی ، گل زدن ، گریختن از چنگ مدافع رسیدن به پایگاه پیش از رسیدن توپ بیس بال صدای منظم پای اسب ، حرکت قایق بسمت باد ، تعداد پاروزنها در هر دقیقه ، تعداد ضربات پا دریکسری ضربات بازوی شناگر ضربه زدن (شمشیربازی) ، غالب شدن
(vi.& vt.) تپیدن ، کتک زدن ، چوب زدن ، شلاق زدن ، کوبیدن
(n.) ضرب ، ضربان ، نبض ، قلب ، تپش ، ضربت موسیقی ، غلبه ، پیشرفت ، زنش ، علوم مهندسی: تداخل ، الکترونیک: زنه ، روانشناسی: ضربان ، ورزش: ضربان ، تعداد ضربات پا دریکسری ضربات بازوی شناگر ضربه زدن ، علوم نظامی: مغلوب کردن
الکترونیک: تپش ، ضربان ، تربیت بدنی: تغییرات شدت صوت در اثر تداخل ضربان ، تداخل ، علوم مهندسی: پیروزی ، گل زدن ، گریختن از چنگ مدافع رسیدن به پایگاه پیش از رسیدن توپ بیس بال صدای منظم پای اسب ، حرکت قایق بسمت باد ، تعداد پاروزنها در هر دقیقه ، تعداد ضربات پا دریکسری ضربات بازوی شناگر ضربه زدن ، شمشیربازی ، : ورزشی: زدن ، غالب شدن ، مغلوب کردن ، علوم نظامی: ضربان ، روانشناسی: زنه ، الکترونیک :)vi.and vt.(: تپیدن ، زدن ، کتک زدن ، چوب زدن ، شلاق زدن ، کوبیدن ، :)n.( ضرب ، ضربان ، نبض ، قلب ، تپش ، ضربت موسیقی ، غلبه ، پیشرفت ، زنش

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- hit, bang, batter, buffet, knock, pound, strike, thrash
- flap, flutter
- throb, palpitate, pound, pulsate, quake, thump, vibrate
- defeat, conquer, outdo, overcome, overwhelm, surpass, vanquish
- throb, palpitation, pulsation, pulse
- route, circuit, course, path, rounds, way
- rhythm, accent, cadence, metre, stress, time
Related Idioms: give one beans, rain blows on, beat (all) hollow
Related Words: bastinado, baton, bludgeon, cudgel, fustigate, pistol-whip, flog, lace, lash, tan, whip, lay on, maul, muss up, rough (up)
English Thesaurus: beat, defeat, trounce, thrash, wipe the floor with somebody, ...

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I. beat1 S2 W2 /biːt/ verb (past tense beat, past participle beaten /ˈbiːtn/)
[Word Family: noun: beat, beating; adjective: beatable ≠ unbeatable, beatenunbeaten; verb: beat]
[Language: Old English; Origin: beatan]

1. COMPETITION/ELECTION [transitive] to get the most points, votes etc in a game, race, or competition Synonym : defeat:
Brazil were beaten 2–1.
Labour easily beat the Conservatives in the last election.
beat somebody at/in something
I beat him more often at pool than he beats me.
beat somebody hollow British English beat the pants off somebody American English (=defeat them easily)

2. HIT [transitive] to hit someone or something many times with your hand, a stick etc:
photographs of rioters beating a policeman
He was questioned and beaten.
The woman had been beaten to death by her husband.
Two prisoners were beaten unconscious.
beat somebody black and blue (=hit someone until it makes marks on their body)
beat the living daylights out of somebody (=beat someone very hard)

3. HIT AGAINST [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to hit against something many times or continuously
beat on/against/at etc
Waves beat against the cliffs.
rain beating on the windows
Sid beat on the door with his hand.

4. DO BETTER [transitive] to do something better, faster etc than what was best before
beat a record/score etc
The record set by Kierson in '84 has yet to be beaten.
The company’s profits are unlikely to beat last year’s £10 million.

5. BE BETTER [transitive not in progressive] especially spoken to be much better and more enjoyable than something else:
Fresh milk beats powdered milk any time.
beat doing something
‘Well,’ said Culley, ‘it beats going to the office.’
You can’t beat swimming as a good all-body exercise.
Nothing beats homemade cake.
you can’t beat something (for something)
For excitement, you just can’t beat college basketball.

6. FOOD [intransitive and transitive] to mix things together quickly with a fork or special kitchen machine:
Beat the eggs, then add the milk.
beat something in
Gradually beat in the sugar.
beat something together
Beat the butter and sugar together until fluffy.

7. CONTROL/DEAL WITH [transitive] to successfully deal with a problem that you have been struggling with Synonym : conquer:
advice on how to beat depression
the government’s long fight to beat inflation

8. HEART [intransitive] when your heart beats, it moves in a regular rhythm as it pumps your blood:
The average person’s heart beats 70 times a minute.
Jennifer’s heart was beating fast.

9. DRUMS [intransitive and transitive] if you beat drums, or if drums beat, they make a regular continuous sound

10. WINGS [intransitive and transitive] if a bird beats its wings, or if its wings beat, they move up and down quickly and regularly Synonym : flap

11. take some beating if something or someone will take some beating, it will be difficult for anyone or anything to be or do better:
Raikkonen has 42 points, which will take some beating.
Florida takes some beating as a vacation destination.

12. AVOID [transitive] to avoid situations in which a lot of people are trying to do something, usually by doing something early:
We left at four a.m. to beat the traffic.
Shopping by mail order lets you beat the queues.
Shop now and beat the Christmas rush!

13. DO BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE [transitive] informal to get or do something before someone else, especially if you are both trying to do it first
beat somebody to something
John had beaten me to the breakfast table.
I wanted the last piece of pie, but somebody beat me to it.
They wanted to make it into a film, but another studio beat them to the punch.

14. beat about/around the bush to avoid or delay talking about something embarrassing or unpleasant:
Don’t beat around the bush. Ask for your account to be paid, and paid quickly.

15. beat the system to find ways of avoiding or breaking the rules of an organization, system etc, in order to achieve what you want:
Accountants know a few ways to beat the system.

16. beat a path to sb’s door (also beat down sb’s door) if people beat a path to your door, they are interested in something you are selling, a service you are providing etc:
The new design was supposed to have consumers beating a path to their door.

17. beat a (hasty) retreat to leave somewhere or stop doing something very quickly, in order to avoid a bad situation:
He beat a hasty retreat when he spotted me.

18. beat the clock to finish something very quickly, especially before a particular time:
The company managed to beat the clock on delivering its new system.


19. (it) beats me used to say that you do not know something, or cannot understand or explain it:
Beats me why he wants such a big car.
‘What’s he saying?’ ‘Beats me.’

20. beat it! used to tell someone to leave at once, because they are annoying you or should not be there

21. can you beat that/it? used to show that you are surprised or annoyed by something:
They’ve got eight children! Can you beat that?

22. beat your brains out to think about something very hard and for a long time:
I’ve been beating my brains out all week trying to finish this essay.

23. if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em used when you decide to take part in something even though you disapprove of it, because everyone else is doing it and you cannot stop them

24. beat the rap American English informal to avoid being punished for something you have done

25. beat time to make regular movements or sounds to show the speed at which music should be played:
a conductor beating time with his baton

26. beat a path/track to make a path by walking over an area of land

27. to beat the band American English informal in large amounts or with great force:
It’s raining to beat the band.

28. beat the heat American English informal to make yourself cooler:
Fresh lemonade is a great way to beat the heat.

29. METAL (also beat out) [transitive] to hit metal with a hammer in order to shape it or make it thinner

30. HUNTING [intransitive and transitive] to force wild birds and animals out of bushes, long grass etc so that they can be shot for sport

31. beat your breast literary to show clearly that you are very upset or sorry about something
beaten, beating

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II. beat2 S3 noun
[Word Family: noun: beat, beating; adjective: beatable ≠ unbeatable, beatenunbeaten; verb: beat]

1. [countable] one of a series of regular movements or hitting actions:
a heart rate of 80 beats a minute
the steady beat of the drum

2. [singular] a regular repeated noise Synonym : rhythm
beat of
the beat of marching feet

3. [countable] the main rhythm that a piece of music or a poem has:
a song with a beat you can dance to

4. [singular] a subject or area of a city that someone is responsible for as their job:
journalists covering the Washington beat
on the beat
People like to see police officers on the beat.

5. [countable] one of the notes in a piece of music that sounds stronger than the other notes

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III. beat3 adjective [not before noun]
informal very tired Synonym : exhausted:
I’m beat.
Come and sit down – you must be dead beat.

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I. rhythm
ADJ. regular, rhythmic, steady | pounding
VERB + BEAT clap to, dance to, sway to They danced to the rhythmic beat of the music.
PHRASES two, three, four, etc. beats to the bar The piece has four beats to the bar.
sb's heart misses/skips a beat (= sb feels very nervous) As I opened the letter, my heart missed a beat.

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II. of a police officer
VERB + BEAT pound, walk We have two officers walking the beat after midnight.
PREP. on the ~ officers on the beat

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I. in a game
ADV. comfortably, comprehensively, convincingly, easily, hands down, soundly He beat her hands down.
narrowly He was narrowly beaten by his opponent.
PREP. at She beat him at chess.
by beating her by just three points
PHRASES beat sb into second, third, etc. place He was beaten into second place by the American.

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II. hit sb
ADV. badly, brutally, savagely, severely, violently
PREP. with She was beaten with a metal bar.
PHRASES beat sb about/over the head He had been beaten about the head with a rock.
beat sb to death, beat sb unconscious

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IV. of heart/wings
ADV. fast, frantically, painfully, rapidly, wildly I could feel my heart beating wildly.

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V. mix
ADV. thoroughly, well Beat the mixture well, until it is light and creamy.
lightly Add three eggs, lightly beaten.
ADV. mercilessly, relentlessly
PREP. on/upon The African sun beat relentlessly down on his aching head.

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easily beat somebody
Jason easily beats me at chess every time we play.
narrowly beat somebody (=by only a few points, votes etc)
New Zealand narrowly beat the Springboks in South Africa.
comfortably beat somebody (=by more than a few points, votes etc)
He comfortably beat the second placed candidate.
soundly beat somebody (=by a lot of points, votes etc)
In each event she soundly beat her opponents.
beat somebody hands down (=beat someone very easily)
He should be able to beat them all hands down.
comprehensively beat somebody (=by a lot of points, votes etc)
There’s no point trying to offer excuses as to why we were so comprehensively beaten.
convincingly beat somebody (=in a way that clearly shows somebody deserves to win)
Mexico convincingly beat Brazil 2–0.
beat somebody into second/third etc place
He was beaten into second place in the Monaco Grand Prix.

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See: heart skip a beat , off the beaten track

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