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bedrock /ˈbedrɒk $ -rɑːk/ noun

بستر سنگ ، سنگی که در زیر طبقه سطحی زمین واقع است ، پایه ، اساس ، معماری: سنگ بستر
- bottom, bed, foundation, rock bottom, substratum, substructure
- basics, basis, core, essentials, fundamentals, nuts and bolts (informal), roots
English Thesaurus: basis, foundation, bedrock, cornerston

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bedrock /ˈbedrɒk $ -rɑːk/ noun

1. [singular] the basic ideas, features, or facts on which something is based:
Marriage and children are the bedrock of family life.

2. [uncountable] solid rock in the ground below soil or sand

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