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belief /bəˈliːf, bɪˈliːf/ noun

باور ، عقیده ، اعتقاد ، ایمان ، گمان ، اعتماد ، معتقدات ، قانون ـ فقه: ایمان ، روانشناسی: اعتقاد
- trust, assurance, confidence, conviction, feeling, impression, judgment, notion, opinion
- faith, credo, creed, doctrine, dogma, ideology, principles, tenet
Antonyms: disbelief, unbelief
Contrasted words: distrust, doubt, mistrust, uncertainty, incredulity, question
Related Words: assurance, certainty, certitude, conviction, sureness, acquiescence, assent, trust, credibility, trustworthiness, doctrine, dogma, fundamental, law, precept, principle, concept, idea
English Thesaurus: religion, faith, belief, denomination, sect, ...

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belief S3 W2 /bəˈliːf, bɪˈliːf/ noun
[Word Family: noun: belief, disbelief, believer; adjective: believableunbelievable, disbelieving; verb: believedisbelieve; adverb: unbelievably]
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: Probably from Old English geleafa 'belief', from leafa 'belief, faith'; influenced by believe]

1. [singular, uncountable] the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely exists
belief in
a strong belief in God
belief that
her sincere belief that her brother was not the murderer
in the belief that
Thieves broke into the building in the mistaken belief that there was expensive computer equipment inside.

2. [singular] the feeling that something is good and can be trusted
belief in
If you’re selling, you have to have genuine belief in the product.
When you get something wrong, it can shake your belief in yourself.

3. [countable] an idea that you believe to be true, especially one that forms part of a system of ideas:
religious beliefs
Several members hold very right-wing beliefs.

4. beyond belief used to emphasize that something is so extreme that it is difficult to believe:
What she did was stupid beyond belief.
it beggars belief at beggar2(1), ⇒ to the best of your belief at best3(4), ⇒ disbelief, unbelief

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ADJ. absolute, deep-seated, deeply held, fervent, firm, passionate, profound, strong, strongly held, unshakeable | genuine, honest, sincere She was strict with her children in the genuine belief that it was the right thing to do.
entrenched, fanatical | common, commonly held, general, popular, widely held, widespread | growing | long-held, long-standing | belief how things could have got this bad.
BELIEF + VERB persist Belief in the magical properties of this herb persisted down the centuries.
BELIEF + NOUN system
PREP. beyond ~ (= too great, difficult, etc. to be believed) Dissatisfaction with the government has grown beyond belief. icy air that was cold beyond belief
in the ~ that She did it in the belief that it would basic, central, core, fundamental the basic beliefs of Christianityhelp her career.
~ about beliefs | personal, private I think the rights and wrongs of eating meat are a matter of personal belief.
rational, reasonable | irrational, superstitious | instinctive | naive | strange | conflicting, contradictory | erroneous, false, misguided, mistaken I took the job in the mistaken belief that I would be able to stay in London.
ancient, traditional The people still follow their traditional beliefs. | orthodox | cultural, moral, political, religious, spiritual They were persecuted for their religious beliefs.
Catholic, Christian, pagan, etc.
QUANT. set, system Each religion has its set of beliefs.
VERB + BELIEF have, hold I have very firm beliefs about moral issues.
share He shared his father's belief that people should work hard for their living.
adhere to, cling to, follow, hold on to, stick to She clung to the belief that he would come back to her. The Labour Party must stick to its beliefs.
abandon, give up, renounce | lose She has lost her belief in God.
affirm, assert, declare, express, state Here the apostle Peter affirms his belief that the scriptures are ‘inspired’.
emphasize, stress | encourage, foster, fuel The exam results encouraged the belief that he was a good teacher.
confirm, reinforce, strengthen, support This latest evidence strengthens our belief that the government is doing the right thing.
question, shake, shatter, undermine, weaken The child's death shook her belief in God.
respect You must respect other people's beliefs.
beggar, defy (= to be impossible to believe) It beggars about the origin of the universe
~ among There is a belief among young people that education is a waste of time.
~ in a belief in God
PHRASES contrary to popular belief (= in spite of what people think) Contrary to popular belief, rainforests are not jungles through which you have to slash a path.

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a firm/strong belief
It is still my firm belief that we did the right thing.
a strongly-held/deeply-held belief (=that you believe very much)
her strongly-held belief that things were much better in the past
a common/popular/widespread belief (=that a lot of people believe)
There is a common belief that educational standards are declining.
a widely-held belief (=that a lot of people believe)
The article expressed the widely-held belief that unemployment leads to crime.
a mistaken/false belief
the mistaken belief that cannabis is not an addictive drug
a sincere belief (=based on what you really feel is true)
We have a sincere belief in the power of art to enhance human life.
a passionate belief
his passionate belief that technology is a tool to be used for the benefit of mankind
have a belief
You must always have the belief that you can succeed.
hold a belief
He held this belief until the day he died.
be based on the belief that …
Our policies must be based on the belief that the planet’s resources are finite.
it is my belief that
It is my belief that most teachers are doing a good job.
contrary to popular belief (=opposite to what most people think)
Contrary to popular belief, boys are not usually better at maths than girls.

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