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benefit /ˈbenəfɪt, ˈbenɪfɪt/ noun

انتفاع ، سود بردن ، مزایا ، نفع
(n.) منفعت ، استفاده ، نمایش برای جمع اوری اعانه
(vt.& vi.) .فایده رساندن ، احسان کردن ، مفید بودن ، فایده بردن ، قانون ـ فقه: منفعت ، انتفاع ، بازرگانی: نفع ، مساعده ، منفعت
مهندسی صنایع: سود ، عایدی ، استفاده مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: منفعت

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- help, advantage, aid, asset, assistance, favour, good, profit
- help, aid, assist, avail, enhance, further, improve, profit
Antonyms: harm, ill, hurt
Contrasted words: catastrophe, disaster, misfortune, detriment, hinder, impede, damage, impair, injure, distress, upset, afflict, anguish, oppose
Related Idioms: do a world of good
Related Words: account, behalf, sake, gain, profit, advance, ameliorate, better, contribute (to), favor, improve, relieve, succor, build, further, promote, aid, assist, help
English Thesaurus: advantage, benefit, merit, virtue, the good/great/best thing about something, ...

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I. benefit1 S2 W1 AC /ˈbenəfɪt, ˈbenɪfɪt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: benefit, beneficiary; verb: benefit; adverb: beneficially; adjective: beneficial]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: ben fet, from Latin bene factum, from bene factus; benefaction]

1. ADVANTAGE [uncountable and countable] an advantage, improvement, or help that you get from something ⇒ beneficial
benefit of
the benefits of contact lenses
I never had the benefit of a university education.
The new credit cards will be of great benefit to our customers.
I hope that the decision taken today will be to the benefit of the whole nation.
for sb’s benefit
Could you just explain again for Mark’s benefit?
without the benefit of something
Most motorists manage without the benefit of four-wheel drive.

2. MONEY FROM GOVERNMENT [uncountable and countable] British English money provided by the government to people who are sick, unemployed, or have little money Synonym : welfare American English
unemployment/housing/child etc benefit
You might be entitled to housing benefit.
on benefit
families on benefit
those people eligible to claim benefit

3. EXTRA THINGS [countable usually plural] extra money or other advantages that you get as part of your job or from insurance that you have ⇒ perk:
We offer an excellent benefits package.
medical benefitsfringe benefit

4. give somebody the benefit of the doubt to accept what someone tells you, even though you think they may be wrong or lying but you cannot be sure:
The referee gave him the benefit of the doubt.

5. with the benefit of hindsight/experience used to say it is easier to know the right thing to do after something has happened or if you have a lot of experience:
He admitted that with the benefit of hindsight the original launch had not been large enough.

6. benefit concert/performance/match a concert, performance etc arranged to make money for charity:
a benefit concert for famine relief

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II. benefit2 S2 W3 AC verb (past tense and past participle benefited, present participle benefiting)
[Word Family: noun: benefit, beneficiary; verb: benefit; adverb: beneficially; adjective: beneficial]
[intransitive and transitive] if you benefit from something, or it benefits you, it gives you an advantage, improves your life, or helps you in some way:
They are working together to benefit the whole community.
benefit from/by
Many thousands have benefited from the new treatment.
They would benefit by reducing their labour costs.
benefit greatly/enormously/considerably etc
I’m sure you’ll benefit greatly from the visit.

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I. advantage
ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, major, real, substantial This could bring real benefits for teachers.
maximum | additional The scheme has many additional benefits.
fringe (= extra things that an employer gives as well as wages) The fringe benefits include free health insurance.
mutual The different environmental groups could work together to their mutual benefit.
potential | long-term, short-term | economic, environmental, financial, health, social | tax
VERB + BENEFIT enjoy, have The motor industry will be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of the recovery. children who have the benefit of a stable home background
derive, gain, get, obtain, reap, receive The company derived substantial benefit from the deal. I reaped the benefits of all my early training.
bring, offer, provide The new factory will bring considerable benefits to the area. This deal will offer major benefits to industrialists and investors.
BENEFIT + VERB accrue the benefits that accrue from a good education
PREP. for sb's ~ We shall do this for the benefit of the patients.
of ~ to This arrangement will be of great benefit to you both.
to sb's ~ It will be to everyone's benefit.
with/without the ~ of managing to work without the benefit of modern technology
~ for the benefits for companies
~ from the benefits from tourism
~ of the benefit of a steady income
~ to What are the benefits to investors?

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II. money
ADJ. welfare | state | means-tested, universal One way to cut spending is to move from universal benefits?those paid to everyone regardless of need?to means-tested ones.
cash | child, housing, sickness, social security, unemployment
QUANT. amount, level
VERB + BENEFIT be eligible for, be entitled to, qualify for | claim You may be able to claim housing benefit.
draw, get, receive He receives unemployment benefit.
be dependent on | lose She is worried that if she takes on a job she will lose her benefits.
cut The government has cut unemployment benefit.
BENEFIT + VERB be paid Benefit is paid monthly.
BENEFIT + NOUN benefits agency | office | payment | system
PREP. on ~ He's on social security benefit.

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ADV. considerably, enormously, greatly, substantially | fully | clearly, obviously, undoubtedly The new law clearly benefits those earning the most money.
equally | disproportionately | directly We benefited directly from the reorganization.
indirectly | financially We both benefited financially from the arrangement.
PREP. from

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have the benefit of something
All the hotel rooms have the benefit of a balcony.
get a benefit (also gain/derive a benefit formal)
In this way, students will gain maximum benefit from their classes.
enjoy the benefits
You’ll enjoy all the benefits of being a member.
reap the benefits (=enjoy the advantages of something you have worked hard to get)
He was looking forward to reaping the benefits of all his hard work.
bring/provide benefits
The new bridge has brought considerable benefits.
something outweighs the benefits (=something is more important than the benefits)
Make sure that the risks don’t outweigh the benefits.
a great/major/substantial benefit
The new system will be a great benefit to the company.
a real benefit
To get some real benefit from the exercise, you should continue for at least half an hour.
a direct benefit
The money sent has been of direct benefit to the islanders.
a lasting benefit
These plans are likely to result in lasting benefit to the whole of our district.
the full benefit of something
They will have the full benefit of our facilities.
economic/social/environmental etc benefits
Tourism has brought considerable economic benefits to the island.
health benefits
Just 30 minutes of moderate daily activity yields health benefits.
mutual benefit (=something good for both people, companies etc involved)
Our two companies are working together for mutual benefit.
potential benefits
The potential benefits of the scheme must be weighed against the costs involved.
for your own benefit
He used the money for his own benefit, instead of using it to help other people.

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BAD: This new service should benefit to all our customers.
GOOD: This new service should benefit all our customers.
BAD: The trade agreement will benefit for both parties.
GOOD: The trade agreement will benefit both parties.

Usage Note:
benefit sb (WITHOUT to/for ): 'The new tax laws will not benefit the unemployed.'

BAD: It is not true that only businessmen are benefited by tourism.
GOOD: It is not true that only businessmen benefit from tourism.

Usage Note:
Instead of using be benefited by (passive), use benefit from/by . The subject of benefit from/by is the receiver of the benefit: 'Do you think she has benefited from going to extra classes?' 'The room would benefit by altering the size of the window.'

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See: give the benefit of the doubt

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