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bit /bɪt/ adverb, pronoun
bit noun [countable]

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {bite}

Binary Digit، تیغه یا ابزار سوراخ کاری که در داخل گیره یا ماشین گردش می نماید، هویزه، پاره خبر (بیت)، خرده، تکه، پاره، ریزه، ذره، لقمه، تیغه رنده، لجام، دهنه، سرمته، رقم دودویی، علوم مهندسی: سرمته، کامپیوتر: رقم دودوئی، عمران: مته، روانشناسی: پاره خبر، ورزش: میله فلزی داخل دهان اسب، علوم هوایی: واحد اطلاعات در همه سیستمهای دیجیتال

: bit (am)

معماری: سرمته
ارسال ایمیل
الکترونیک: Binary Digit، بیت، رقم دودویی، کامپیوتر: تیغه یا ابزار سوراخ کاری که در داخل گیره یا ماشین گردش می نماید، سرمته، علوم مهندسی: هویزه، میله فلزی داخل دهان اسب، ورزشی: واحد اطلاعات در همه سیستمهای دیجیتال، هواپیمایی: مته، عمران: پاره خبر، بیت، : روانشناسی: خرده، تکه، پاره، ریزه، ذره، لقمه، تیغه رنده، لجام، دهنه، سرمته، رقم دودوییکامپیوتر: بیتکامپیوتر: Binary Digit، بیت، عدد بر مبنای دودویی

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Synonyms: piece, crumb, fragment, grain, morsel, part, scrap, speck
Synonyms: curb, brake, check, restraint, snaffle
English Thesaurus: part, bit, piece, component, section, ...

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I. bit1 S1 W1 /bɪt/ adverb, pronoun

1. ONLY SLIGHTLY a bit especially British English
a) slightly or to a small degree Synonym : a little:
Could you turn the TV up a bit?
That’s a bit odd.
‘Are you sorry to be leaving?’ ‘Yes, I am a bit.’
Aren’t you being a little bit unfair?
I think you’re a bit too young to be watching this.
She looks a bit like my sister.
a bit better/older/easier etc
I feel a bit better now.
b) sometimes, but not very often:
I used to act a bit when I was younger.

In written English, people usually avoid a (little) bit and use slightly, rather, or somewhat instead:
This system is slightly more efficient.
The final cost was somewhat higher than expected.

2. AMOUNT a bit especially British English informal a small amount of a substance or of something that is not a physical object Synonym : a little
a bit of
I may need a bit of help.
He still likes to do a bit of gardening.
I want to spend a bit of time with him before he goes.
With a bit of luck, we should have finished by five o'clock.
Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement.
‘Would you like cream in your coffee?’ ‘Yes please, just a bit.’
a bit more/less
Can we have a bit less noise, please?

3. QUITE A LOT quite a bit (also a good bit British English) a fairly large amount or to a fairly large degree:
She’s quite a bit older than you, isn’t she?
He knows quite a bit about painting.
quite a bit of
I expect you do quite a bit of travelling?
quite a bit more/less
They’re worth quite a bit more than I thought.

4. TIME/DISTANCE a bit especially British English a short period of time or a short distance Synonym : a while:
You’ll have to wait a bit.
I walked on a bit
in a bit
I’ll see you in a bit.
for a bit
We sat around for a bit, chatting.

5. a bit of a something especially British English used to show that the way you describe something is only true to a limited degree:
The news came as a bit of a shock.
I felt a bit of a fool.
It looks like they left in a bit of a hurry.

6. not a bit/not one bit especially British English not at all:
You’re not a bit like your brother.
Am I cross? No, not a bit of it.
I’m not in the least bit interested in whose fault it is.
Well, you haven’t surprised me, not one bit.

7. every bit as important/bad/good etc especially British English used to emphasize that something is equally important, bad etc as something else:
Jodi plays every bit as well as the men.

8. bit by bit especially British English gradually:
Bit by bit, I was starting to change my mind.

9. a/one bit at a time especially British English in several small parts or stages:
Memorize it a bit at a time.

10. take a bit of doing/explaining etc British English to be difficult to do, explain etc:
The new system took a bit of getting used to.

11. be a bit much British English to be unacceptable, impolite, or unfair:
It’s a bit much when he criticizes us for doing something that he does himself.

12. be a bit of all right British English informal used to say that someone is sexually attractive

13. bit on the side British English informal someone’s bit on the side is a person they are having a sexual relationship with, even though they already have a wife, husband, or partner – used humorously or to show disapproval:
She stayed, in the hope that he’d tire of his bit on the side.

14. a bit of stuff/fluff/skirt British English informal not polite offensive expressions meaning a young woman, especially one who is sexually attractive

15. a bit of rough British English informal someone of a lower social class that someone has a sexual relationship with – used humorously

a bit, a bit of
Use a bit before an adjective, not before a noun or an adjective and noun:
He’s a bit shy (NOT a bit shy man).
Before a noun or an adjective and noun, use a bit of:
There was a bit of trouble (NOT a bit trouble).
It was a bit of a strange decision (NOT a bit strange decision).
You can also use a bit after a verb or its object:
I cried a bit (NOT a bit cried).

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II. bit2 S1 W1 noun [countable]
[Sense 1-3, 7-12: Language: Old English; Origin: bita 'piece bitten off, small piece of food']
[Sense 4: Date: 1900-2000; Origin: binary digit]
[Sense 5-6: Language: Old English; Origin: bite 'act of biting']

1. PIECE a small piece of something
bit of
bits of broken glass
He wedged the door open with a bit of wood.
break/rip/shake etc something to bits
The aircraft was blown to bits.
He’s taken the engine to bits.
fall/come to bits
The old house was falling to bits.

2. PART British English informal a part of something larger:
This is the boring bit.
bit of
We did the last bit of the journey on foot.
bit about
Did you like the bit about the monkey?

3. to bits British English informal very much or extremely:
Mark’s a darling – I love him to bits.
thrilled/chuffed/pleased to bits
I’ve always wanted a car, so I’m thrilled to bits.

4. COMPUTER the smallest unit of information that a computer uses:
a 32-bit processor

5. TOOL the sharp part of a tool for cutting or making holes:
a drill bit

6. HORSE the metal bar attached to a horse’s bridle that is put into its mouth and used to control it ⇒ be champing at the bit at champ1(2)

7. bits and pieces (also bits and bobs British English) informal any small things of various kinds:
Let me get all my bits and pieces together.

8. do your bit informal to do a fair share of the work, effort etc that is needed to achieve something good or important:
Everyone should do their bit for the environment.

9. get the bit between your teeth British English, take the bit between your teeth American English to do something or deal with something in a very determined way, so that you are not likely to stop until it is done

a) two bits/four bits American English informal 25 cents or 50 cents
b) British English old-fashioned a small coin

11. pull something to bits British English informal to criticize something strongly:
The critics pulled his new play to bits.

12. TYPICAL BEHAVIOUR/EXPERIENCE informal used to mean a kind of behaviour or experience that is typical of someone or something
the (whole) student/movie star/travelling etc bit
Then she gave us the concerned mother bit.

13. be in bits British English spoken informal to be extremely upset because something unpleasant or disappointing has happened:
She was in bits after the race, and looked totally gutted.

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III. bit3
the past tense of bite

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I. a bit small amount
ADJ. little, teensy (informal), wee He helped me a little bit in the afternoon.
PHRASES just a bit I'm still just a bit confused.

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II. a bit: large amount
ADJ. fair, good It rained a fair bit during the night. We made a good bit of progress.
VERB + BIT take The new system will take quite a bit of getting used to (= it will take a long time to get used to).
PHRASES quite a bit It rained quite a bit during the night.
just a bit (ironic) ‘Has it been difficult for you at work?’ ‘Just a bit (= it has been very difficult).’

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II. part/piece of sth
ADJ. little, small, tiny | big, large A big bit of stone had fallen off the wall.
good, nice The best bit of the holiday was seeing the Grand Canyon. I've got us a nice bit of fish for dinner.
boring I read it, but I missed out the boring bits.
odd He managed to get odd bits of work, but no regular job.
VERB + BIT pick out, pick up Listen to the interview again and pick out the bits you want to use in the article. She tore the letter up and threw it on the floor. Marion stooped to pick up the bits. I picked up a bit of information that might interest you.
BIT + VERB fall off I'm worried because bits keep falling off my car.
PREP. ~ of
PHRASES bits and bobs/pieces (= small items of various kinds) My mother has some bits and pieces to give you.
blow/pull/smash sth to bits All the crockery had been smashed to bits.
do your bit (= do your share of a task) We can finish this job on time if everyone does their bit.
fall to bits My briefcase eventually fell to bits.

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a little/tiny bit
The floor was covered in tiny bits of glass.
fall/come to bits (=separate into many different parts because of being old or damaged)
The book was so old that I was afraid it would fall to bits.
break/smash to bits
The vase fell and smashed to bits on the concrete floor.
rip/tear something to bits
She grabbed the letter and ripped it to bits.
be blown to bits (=by a bomb)
A bus shelter nearby was blown to bits.
take something to bits (=separate the parts of something)
Tony loves taking old radios and computers to bits.

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See BIT (bit)

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DUBIOUS: 'An' is a bit problematic.
GOOD: 'An' is slightly problematic.
DUBIOUS: The instructions were a little bit confusing.
GOOD: The instructions were a little confusing.
DUBIOUS: My diet is a little bit different nowadays.
GOOD: My diet is slightly different nowadays.
BAD: Thank you very much for giving us a bit of your free time.
GOOD: Thank you very much for giving us a little of your free time.

Usage Note:
A bit and a little bit are used mainly in informal styles. In other styles, it is better to use a little, slightly, rather, quite or somewhat : 'His brother was somewhat older than we had expected.'

BAD: I watched a little bit television and went to bed.
GOOD: I watched a little television and went to bed.
GOOD: I watched a bit of television and went to bed.

Usage Note:
Use a (little) bit before adjectives: 'She looked a bit tired.'
Before nouns, use a little or (in informal styles) a (little) bit of : 'He could do with a little help.' 'He's been a bit of a nuisance recently.'

BAD: He is a little bit too short to be a policeman.
GOOD: He is a bit/little too short to be a policeman.
GOOD: He is slightly too short to be a policeman.
BAD: The speech was a little bit too formal.
GOOD: The speech was a bit/little too formal.
GOOD: The speech was slightly too formal.

Usage Note:
Use a bit/little too or slightly/rather/somewhat too (NOT a little bit too ): 'She is still a bit too young.' 'The pears were a little too hard.' 'The basic salary is rather too low.'

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See: a bit , champ at the bit , four bits , quite a little or quite a bit , six bits , take the bit in one's mouth , two bits

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