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bolt /bəʊlt $ boʊlt/ noun [countable]
bolt verb

چفت کردن ، پیچ کردن ، فرار یا منحرف شدن اسب از مسیر ، رول کوهنوردی ، زبانه قفل ، گلنگدن ، کشو ، گلوله ، vt.& vi.
(n.پیچ ، توپ پارچه ، از جاجستن ، رها کردن ، :) adv.) راست ، بطورعمودی ، مستقیما ، ناگهان ، علوم مهندسی: چفت ، عمران: زبانه ، معماری: پیچ ، ورزش: تیر کوتاه سگی که شکار را از لانه بیرون می کشد ، علوم هوایی: پیچ ، علوم نظامی: چفت روایک ، علوم دریایی: توپ پارچه
- bar, catch, fastener, latch, lock, sliding bar
- pin, peg, rivet, rod
- run away, abscond, dash, escape, flee, fly, make a break (for it), run for it
- lock, bar, fasten, latch, secure
- gobble, cram, devour, gorge, gulp, guzzle, stuff, swallow whole, wolf
English Thesaurus: run, jog, race/dash, sprint, tear, ...

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I. bolt1 /bəʊlt $ boʊlt/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: 'short arrow']

1. LOCK a metal bar that you slide across a door or window to fasten it

SCREW a screw with a flat head and no point, for fastening things together

3. a bolt from/out of the blue news that is sudden and unexpected:
Was this money a bolt from the blue or did you know you were going to get it?

4. bolt of lightning lightning that appears as a white line in the sky:
There’s not much left of his house after it was struck by a bolt of lightning.thunderbolt

5. make a bolt for it British English to suddenly try to escape from somewhere:
They attacked the driver and he straightaway made a bolt for it.

6. WEAPON a short heavy arrow that is fired from a crossbow

7. CLOTH a large long roll of cloth
have shot your bolt at shoot1(24), ⇒ the nuts and bolts of something at nut1(6)

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II. bolt2 verb

1. [intransitive] to suddenly run somewhere very quickly, especially in order to escape or because you are frightened:
The horse reared up and bolted.
Kevin had bolted through the open window.

2. [transitive] (also bolt down) to eat very quickly Synonym : gobble:
He bolted down his breakfast.

3. [transitive] to fasten two things together using a bolt
bolt something to something
The cell contained an iron bedframe bolted to the floor.
bolt something together
The boxes were made of heavy panels of metal bolted together.

4. [transitive] to lock a door or window by sliding a bolt across

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III. bolt3 adverb
sit/stand bolt upright to sit or stand with your back very straight, often because something has frightened you:
She sat bolt upright in the back seat.

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I. for fastening things together
VERB + BOLT tighten (up) | loosen | undo, unscrew
PHRASES nuts and bolts

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II. for fastening a door
VERB + BOLT draw back, pull back, slide back | push home, slide home She closed the door quickly and pushed the bolts home.

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ADV. firmly, securely Make sure that the rails are securely bolted in place.
together The two parts are bolted together.
PREP. to The yacht's keel is bolted to the hull.

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