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bowl /bəʊl $ boʊl/ noun
bowl verb

جام ، قدح ، باتوپ بازی کردن ، مسابقه وجشن بازی بولینگ ، (نفت) کاسه رهنما (دستگاه ابزارگیری) ، کامپیوتر: جام ، ورزش: بازی بولینگ
الکترونیک: جام ، کامپیوتر: بازی بولینگ ، ورزشی: کاسه ، جام ، قدح ، باتوپ بازی کردن ، مسابقه وجشن بازی بولینگ ،( نفت )کاسه رهنما(دستگاه ابزارگیری)

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Synonyms: basin, dish, vessel
Synonyms: throw, fling, hurl, pitch
English Thesaurus: throw, toss, hurl, fling, heave, ...

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I. bowl1 S2 W3 /bəʊl $ boʊl/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: bolla]

1. CONTAINER [countable] a wide round container that is open at the top, used to hold liquids, food, flowers etc ⇒ dish:
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl.
Fill the bowl with water.
a mixing/serving bowl (=a bowl used for mixing foods or serving them)
Beat the butter in a mixing bowl until creamy and soft.
a soup/salad/cereal etc bowl (=a bowl to eat or serve soup, salad etc from)

2. AMOUNT [countable] (also bowlful) the amount of something contained in a bowl
bowl of
a bowl of rice
a bowl of fruit

a) bowls British English [plural] an outdoor game played on grass, in which you try to roll big balls as near as possible to a small ball Synonym : lawn bowling American English
b) [countable usually singular] a special game in American football played by the best teams after the normal playing season:
the Rose Bowl

4. BALL [countable] British English a ball that you use in the game of bowls

5. SHAPE [countable] the part of an object such as a spoon, pipe, toilet etc that is shaped like a bowl:
the bowl of a pipe
a toilet/lavatory bowl

6. STADIUM [countable usually singular] American English a large stadium shaped like a bowl, where people go to watch special events such as sports games or music concerts:
the Hollywood Bowl

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II. bowl2 verb
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: bowl 'ball used in bowling' (15-21 centuries), from Old French boule, from Latin bulla 'bubble']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to roll a ball along a surface when you are playing the game of bowls

a) [I, T] to throw a ball at the batsman (=the person who hits the ball) in cricketbat
b) [transitive] to make a batsman have to leave the field by throwing a ball so that it hits the wicket behind him

3. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to travel along very quickly and smoothly
bowl along/down
We were bowling along at about 90 miles per hour.
bowl somebody ↔ out phrasal verb
in cricket, when a team is bowled out, each member of the team has had to leave the field and there is no one left to bat
bowl somebody ↔ over phrasal verb

1. to accidentally hit someone and knock them down because you are running in a place that is full of people or things Synonym : knock over

2. to surprise, please, or excite someone very much Synonym : knock out:
He was bowled over by her beauty.

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ADJ. deep, shallow | empty, full | ceramic, china, crystal, cut-glass, earthenware, enamel, glass | food, fruit, porridge, pudding, punch (also punchbowl), salad, soup, sugar, water I refilled the dog's water bowl.
mixing, serving | washing-up | finger I put down the chicken bone and rinsed my fingers in the finger bowl.
begging (figurative) The school is always having to get out the begging bowl for books and basic equipment.
goldfish | lavatory, toilet
VERB + BOWL fill, pour (sb), pour sth into He poured himself a bowl of soup.
empty | drink from/out of, eat from/out of
BOWL + VERB contain sth, hold sth a bowl containing flour This bowl holds about four pints.
overflow The washing-up bowl was overflowing.
PREP. from a/the ~ I helped myself to an apple from the bowl.
out of a/the ~ The boy was drinking milk out of a bowl.
in/into a/the ~ Mix the ingredients in a deep bowl. Sieve the flour into a bowl.
~ of a bowl of cherries

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a soup/cereal/pudding bowl (=for eating soup, cereal etc from)
These work well as pasta or cereal bowls.
a salad/sugar/fruit bowl (=for serving salad etc)
There are some apples in the fruit bowl if you want one.
a mixing bowl (=for mixing foods)
Put the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl.
a serving bowl (=for serving foods)
She put the strawberries in a glass serving bowl.
a washing-up bowl (=for washing the dishes in)
a plastic washing-up bowl
a wooden/china/glass etc bowl
I broke a china bowl.

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