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cricket /ˈkrɪkət, ˈkrɪkɪt/ noun

(ج.ش). جیرجیرک ، زنجره ، یکجور گوی بازی ، ورزش: بازی کریکت بین دو تیم 11 نفره
cricket /ˈkrɪkət, ˈkrɪkɪt/ noun
[Sense 1: Date: 1500-1600; Language: Old French; Origin: criquet 'stick at which a ball is thrown']
[Sense 2: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: criquet, from the sound it makes. ]

1. [uncountable] a game between two teams of 11 players in which players try to get points by hitting a ball and running between two sets of three sticks

2. [countable] a small brown insect that can jump, and that makes a rough sound by rubbing its wings together

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I. sport
ADJ. county, international, school, village | club, first-class | professional | championship, league, test, World Cup | one-day, four-day, etc. | limited-over(s) | Sunday | attacking The crowd loves to watch attacking cricket.
QUANT. game
VERB + CRICKET play | watch | follow
CRICKET + NOUN game, match | championship, competition | field, ground, pitch | ball, bat | pavilion | captain, manager, team | club | enthusiast, fan, lover | season | tour | scene This game marks his comeback to the international cricket scene.
commentator | memorabilia an auction of cricket memorabilia
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II. insect
CRICKET + VERB chirp The only sound was a cricket chirping.

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play cricket
Do you play cricket?
watch cricket
He likes to spend summer weekends watching cricket.
a cricket bat (=that you use to hit the ball)
a cricket team
the Australian cricket team
a cricket club (=a group of people who play cricket together, or the place where they play and meet socially)
The village cricket club held a barbecue.
a cricket field/ground/pitch (=area of ground where cricket is played)
the school cricket field
a cricket match (=a game of cricket)
the cricket season (=the time of year when people play cricket)
a cricket player
He used to be a professional cricket player.
a cricket captain (=the leader of a cricket team)
a cricket tour (=a trip to a different country to play cricket)
England's cricket tour to the West Indies
a cricket fan (=someone who likes cricket, especially watching it)
county cricket (=played between counties in England)
international/world cricket
He brought South Africa back into international cricket.
Test cricket (=played between the teams of different countries)

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fair play, gentlemanly conduct (usually used in the negative)
The way that the government treated the union leaders was not cricket.

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