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bridge /brɪdʒ/ noun

پل زدن ، دهنه اسب ، پل فرماندهی ، جسر ، برامدگی بینی ، (د.ن). سکوبی درعرشه کشتی که مورد استفاده کاپیتان وافسران قرار میگیرد ، بازی ورق ، پل ساختن ، اتصال دادن ، علوم مهندسی: پل ، کامپیوتر: پل ، عمران: پل ، معماری: پل ، ورزش: نوار یا چرم در انتهای چوب بازی لاکراس پل ساختن دست برای زدن گوی بیلیارد فاصله بین سوراخهای گوی بولینگ ، علوم نظامی: پل فرماندهی کشتی ، علوم دریایی: syn : compass platform
الکترونیک: پل ، کامپیوتر: پل ، علوم مهندسی: پل ، پل زدن ، دهنه اسب ، نوار یا چرم در انتهای چوب بازی لاکراس پل ساختن دست برای زدن گوی بیلیارد فاصله بین سوراخهای گوی بولینگ ، ورزشی: پل فرماندهی ، ، syn : compass platform علوم دریایی: پل ، معماری: پل ، پل فرماندهی کشتی ، علوم نظامی: پل ، عمران: پل ، جسر، برامدگی بینی ،( د.ن ).سکوبی درعرشه کشتی که مورد استفاده کاپیتان وافسران قرار میگیرد، بازی ورق ، پل ساختن ، اتصال دادن

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- arch, flyover, overpass, span, viaduct
- connect, join, link, span

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I. bridge1 S2 W2 /brɪdʒ/ noun
[Sense 1-3, 5-8: Language: Old English; Origin: brycg]
[Sense 4: Date: 1800-1900; Origin: biritch 'bridge' (1800-1900), perhaps from an unrecorded Turkish bir-üç 'one-three']

1. OVER A RIVER/ROAD ETC [countable] a structure built over a river, road etc that allows people or vehicles to cross from one side to the other ⇒ suspension bridge, swing bridge

2. CONNECTION [countable] something that provides a connection between two things Synonym : link
bridge between/to
The training programme is seen as a bridge between school and work.
a scheme to build bridges (=make a better relationship) between the police and the community

3. SHIP [countable usually singular] the raised part of a ship from which the officers control it

4. CARD GAME [uncountable] a card game for four players, who play in pairs

5. the bridge of your nose the upper part of your nose between your eyes

6. PAIR OF GLASSES [countable usually singular] the part of a pair of glasses that rests on your nose

7. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT [countable usually singular] a small piece of wood under the strings of a violin or guitar, used to keep them in position

8. FOR TEETH [countable] a small piece of metal that keeps false teeth in place by attaching them to your real teeth
burn your bridges at burn1(18), ⇒ cross that bridge when you come to it at cross1(10), ⇒ be (all) water under the bridge at water1(6)

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II. bridge2 verb [transitive]

1. to reduce or get rid of the difference between two things:
The differences between our two cultures can be bridged if we continue to communicate.
Alvin managed to bridge the gap between ballet and modern dance.

2. written to build or form a bridge over something:
a fallen tree bridging the stream

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I. structure across a river, road, etc.
ADJ. high, humpback, narrow | railway, road | Bailey, cantilever, pontoon, suspension | toll
VERB + BRIDGE build, erect | destroy | wash away Floods washed away several bridges.
cross Cross the bridge and turn right into the town.
BRIDGE + VERB cross sth, span sth The new bridge will cross the Thames at this point.
link sth
PREP. across over a/the ~ driving over a humpback bridge
under a/the ~ The road goes under the old railway bridge.
~ across, over a bridge over the river

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II. card game
QUANT. game, rubber I enjoy a game of bridge occasionally.
BRIDGE + NOUN tournament | partner, player

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build a bridge (also erect a bridge formal)
Finally a new bridge was erected over the road.
cross a bridge
An estimated 150,000 cars cross the bridge each day.
a bridge crosses something
A pretty stone bridge crosses the little river.
a bridge spans something (=crosses a wide area)
By 1875 a railroad bridge spanned the Missouri.
a bridge links something to/with something
There's a road bridge linking the site with Stockton town centre.
a stone/wooden/iron bridge
The iron bridge was built in 1811.
a railway bridge British English, a railroad bridge American English (=for trains)
Go under the railway bridge and turn right.
a road bridge (=for cars)
The government plans to construct a new road bridge to the island.
a suspension bridge (=one that hangs from strong steel ropes)
A famous suspension bridge spans the estuary.
a swing bridge British English (=one that can be pulled up for ships to go under)
a toll bridge (=one that you pay to go across)
a humpback bridge British English (=a short bridge with a steep slope at each side)

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See: burn one's bridges , cross a bridge before one comes to it , water over the dam or water under the bridge

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