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burn /bɜːn $ bɜːrn/ verb (past tense and past participle burnt /bɜːnt $ bɜːrnt/ or burned)

Irregular Forms: (burnt)

امتیاز گرفتن از حریف ، کسب امتیاز برداشتن غیرمجاز سنگ یا مانع دیگر از مسیر (بولینگ روی چمن) ، سوزاندن ، اتش زدن ، مشتعل شدن ، دراتش شهوت سوختن ، اثر سوختگی ، کامپیوتر: سوزاندن ، ورزش: کسب امتیاز برداشتن غیرمجاز سنگ یا مانع دیگر از مسیر ، علوم هوایی: کارکردن موتور راکت طبق برنامه ، علوم نظامی: سوزش مواد منفجره
الکترونیک: سوزاندن ، کامپیوتر: امتیاز گرفتن از حریف ، کسب امتیاز برداشتن غیرمجاز سنگ یا مانع دیگر از مسیر ، بولینگ روی چمن ، : ورزشی: کارکردن موتور راکت طبق برنامه ، هواپیمایی: سوختن ، سوزش مواد منفجره ، علوم نظامی: سوزاندن ، اتش زدن ، سوختن ، مشتعل شدن ، دراتش شهوت سوختن ، اثر سوختگی کامپیوتر: نوشتن داده ها به بطور الکترونیکی روی تراشه های فقط خواندنی پزشکی: سوختگی

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- be on fire, be ablaze, blaze, flame, flare, glow, go up in flames, smoke
- set on fire, char, ignite, incinerate, kindle, light, parch, scorch, sear, singe, toast
- be passionate, be angry, be aroused, be inflamed, fume, seethe, simmer, smoulder
Contrasted words: chill, cool, freeze
Related Words: fire, flame, ignite, incinerate, kindle, light, consume, use, smolder, sputter, parch, toast, warm, char
English Thesaurus: burn, set fire to something, scorch, singe, scald, ...

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I. burn1 S2 W3 /bɜːn $ bɜːrn/ verb (past tense and past participle burnt /bɜːnt $ bɜːrnt/ or burned)
[Word Family: noun: burn, burner; adjective: burning, burnt; verb: burn; adverb: burning]
[Language: Old English; Origin: byrnan 'to burn' and bærnan 'to cause to burn']

1. PRODUCE FLAMES AND HEAT [intransitive]
a) if a fire burns, it produces heat and flames:
There was a fire burning in the fireplace.
An average household candle will burn for about six hours.
b) if something is burning, it is producing flames and being damaged or destroyed by fire:
Parts of the building are still burning.

2. DESTROY SOMETHING WITH FIRE [transitive] to destroy or damage something with fire:
I burnt all his old letters.
Cars were burned and shops were looted during the rioting.
The Grand Hotel had burnt to the ground.
Make sure the iron isn’t too hot or you’ll burn the cloth.
He dropped his cigarette and burnt a hole in the carpet.

3. INJURE/KILL SOMEBODY WITH FIRE [transitive] to hurt yourself or someone else with fire or something hot:
I burned my hand on the oven door.
She was badly burned in a road accident.
Sixteen passengers were burned to death (=died in a fire).
A family of five were burned alive in their home last night (=died in a fire).
Heretics were burnt at the stake (=burnt in a fire as a punishment).

4. SUN [intransitive and transitive] if the sun burns your skin, or if your skin burns, it becomes red and painful from the heat of the sun ⇒ sunburn:
I burn quite easily.
Don’t forget you can still get burnt when you’re swimming or when it’s cloudy.
Her face and neck were quite badly burned.

5. FOOD [intransitive and transitive] to spoil food by cooking it for too long, or to become spoiled in this way:
I’m afraid I’ve burnt the pizza.
burn something to a crisp/cinder
The meat was burned to a crisp.

6. CHEMICALS [transitive] to damage or destroy something by a chemical action:
Quite a lot of household chemicals can burn your skin.

7. FUEL [intransitive and transitive] if you burn a fuel, or if it burns, it is used to produce power, heat, light etc:
The boiler burns oil to produce heat.
greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels

8. FAT/ENERGY [transitive] if you burn fat or CALORIES, you use up energy stored in your body by being physically active:
Taking a brisk walk every morning is a great way to burn calories.
a fat-burning exercise

9. LIGHT [intransitive] if a light or lamp burns, it shines or produces light:
A lamp was burning in the kitchen window.
The hall light was still burning.

10. FEEL HOT AND PAINFUL [intransitive and transitive] if a part of your body burns, or if something burns it, it feels unpleasantly hot:
The whisky burned my throat as it went down.
My eyes were burning from the smoke.

11. FACE/CHEEKS [intransitive] if your face or cheeks are burning, they feel hot because you are embarrassed or upset:
I could feel my cheeks burning as I spoke.

12. CD [transitive] if you burn a CD or DVD, you record music, images, or other information onto it using special computer equipment

13. be burning with rage/desire etc to feel a particular emotion very strongly:
She was burning with curiosity.

14. be burning to do something to want to do or find out something very much:
I was burning to know how he had got on in New York.

15. be/get burned informal
a) to be emotionally hurt by someone or something:
Take things slowly – don’t get burned again.
b) to lose a lot of money:
The company got badly burned in the dot.com collapse.

16. burn your fingers/get your fingers burned informal to suffer the unpleasant results of something that you have done:
I tried a dating agency once, but got my fingers badly burnt – I’ll never do it again.

17. burn a hole in your pocket if money burns a hole in your pocket, you want to spend it as soon as you can

18. burn your bridges/boats informal to do something with the result that you will not be able to return to a previous situation again, even if you want to:
I’m really tempted to take up that job offer in Washington, but I don’t want to burn my boats with this company.

19. burn the candle at both ends informal to get very tired by doing things until very late at night and getting up early in the mornings

20. burn the midnight oil informal to work or study until late at night

21. it burns somebody that/how etc American English used to say that something makes someone feel angry or jealous:
It really burns me the way they treat us.

22. GO FAST [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] informal to travel very fast
burn along/up etc
a sports car burning up the motorway

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II. burn2 S3 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: burn, burner; adjective: burning, burnt; verb: burn; adverb: burning]

1. an injury caused by fire, heat, the light of the sun, or acid:
His body was covered in cigarette burns.
severe/serious burns
She was taken to the hospital with serious burns.
Several of the survivors suffered severe burns.
She is being treated for minor burns.

2. a mark on something caused by fire or heat:
The desk was covered with graffiti and burn marks.

3. a painful mark on the skin caused by it rubbing hard against something rough

4. the burn informal a painful hot feeling in your muscles when you exercise a lot:
Go for the burn.

5. British English a small stream

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ADJ. horrific, nasty, serious, severe, terrible | minor, slight | first-/second-/third-degree | cigarette
VERB + BURN suffer | die from/of | treat, treat sb for
BURN + NOUN mark
PHRASES 20, 50, etc. per cent burns He was treated in hospital for 60 per cent burns.

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I. damage/injure by fire/heat
ADV. badly, seriously, severely | completely The car was found abandoned in a wood, completely burnt out.
partially, partly | easily fair skin that burns easily
ceremonially Bishop Tunstall preached a sermon against the book, after which copies were ceremonially burnt.
down, out The factory burned down last year.
PHRASES be burnt alive, be burnt to ashes/a cinder/a crisp I like my steak burnt to a cinder on the outside and blood red and juicy inside.
burn/be burnt to death Several people were burnt to death.
be burnt to the ground The building was burnt to the ground.

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II. be on fire
ADV. fiercely The fire was still burning fiercely.
steadily | slowly Fresh leaves will burn slowly with billows of smoke.

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III. produce light
ADV. brightly Their torches burnt brightly in the dark.

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IV. be filled with strong feeling
ADV. fiercely Her eyes burned fiercely.
slowly She could sense the anger burning slowly inside him.
PREP. with He was burning with indignation.

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be badly/severely burned
His face had been badly burned in the fire.
be burned alive
The animals were burned alive when a farm building caught fire.
be burned to death
Anyone inside the truck would have been burned to death.
be burned at the stake (=burned in a fire as a punishment)
In those days witches were burned at the stake.

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See: ears burn , keep the home fires burning , money to burn

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