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briefly /ˈbriːfli/ adverb

بطور خلاصه
Synonyms: shortly, concisely, hastily, hurriedly, in a nutshell, in brief, momentarily, quickly
Contrasted words: diffusely, long-windedly, profusely, prolixly, protractedly, verbosely, wordily, at length, comprehensively, fully
Related Idioms: in a capsule, in a nutshell, in a word, to make a long story short
Related Words: accurately, crisply, exactly, precisely

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briefly S2 W3 AC /ˈbriːfli/ adverb
[Word Family: adverb: briefly; adjective: brief]

1. for a short time:
We stopped off briefly in London.

2. in as few words as possible Synonym : in brief:
Sonia explained briefly what we had to do.
Briefly, I think we should accept their offer.

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