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brother /ˈbrʌðə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

Irregular Forms: (pl) brethren

(pl.brothers & brethren) برادر ، همقطار ، قانون ـ فقه: اخ
- sibling, blood brother, kin, kinsman, relation, relative
- monk, cleric, friar

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I. brother1 S1 W1 /ˈbrʌðə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: brother, brotherhood; adjective: brotherly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: brothor]

1. a male who has the same parents as you ⇒ sister:
I have two brothers, William and Mark.
elder/older/younger etc brother
My younger brother is a doctor.
little/kid brother (=younger brother)
I have to take my little brother to school.
My big brother (=older brother) has always looked after me.
my twin brother

2. spoken informal a word meaning a black man, used especially by other black men

3. a male member of a group with the same interests, religion, profession etc as you

4. (plural brothers or brethren) a male member of a religious group, especially a monk:
Brother Justin

5. American English a member of a fraternity (=a club of male university students)

6. brothers in arms literary soldiers who have fought together in a war
Big Brother, blood brother, HALF BROTHER, stepbrother

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II. brother2 interjection especially American English
used to show you are annoyed or surprised:
Oh, brother – I really don’t want to deal with this now.

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ADJ. big, elder, older Bill idolizes his big brother, who is a professional footballer.
baby, kid, little, small, wee, younger | twin | full (= sharing both parents) | half-(= sharing one parent), step-(also stepbrother) (= the son from an earlier marriage of your stepfather or stepmother) | beloved, much-loved She wrote daily to her beloved brother, Leo.
long-lost His old teacher greeted him like a long-lost brother.
dead, deceased, late He married the wife of his late brother.
bachelor, unmarried
PHRASES blood brothers (= close friends who have sworn to remain friends for life), brother and sister Have you got any brothers and sisters?
like brothers The boys are so close, they're like brothers.

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an older/elder brother
I have two older brothers.
a big brother (=older brother - used especially by or to children)
Jake was my big brother and I admired him.
a younger brother
Do you have any younger brothers?
a little brother (also a kid brother American English) (=younger brother)
My kid brother was always annoying me.
a baby brother (=brother who is still a baby)
Mum let me hold my new baby brother.
a twin brother
Luke and his twin brother Sam went everywhere together.
a half-brother (=brother with only one parent the same as yours)
I never really liked my half-brother.
a step-brother (=the son of your stepfather or stepmother)
His dad’s new wife brought him two step-brothers.

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