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calculate /ˈkælkjəleɪt, ˈkælkjʊleɪt/ verb [transitive]

حساب کردن ، براورد کردن
- work out, compute, count, determine, enumerate, estimate, figure, reckon
- plan, aim, design, intend
Contrasted words: conjecture, guess, surmise
Related Words: consider, study, weigh, ascertain, determine, discover, appraise, evaluate, price, value, assess, prize, rate
English Thesaurus: calculate, work out, figure out, count, total, ...

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calculate S2 W3 /ˈkælkjəleɪt, ˈkælkjʊleɪt/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adjective: calculableincalculable, calculated, calculating; noun: calculation, calculator; verb: calculate; adverb: calculatedly]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of calculare, from calculus 'stone used in counting'; calculus]

1. to find out how much something will cost, how long something will take etc, by using numbers:
These instruments calculate distances precisely.
calculate how much/how many etc
I’m trying to calculate how much paint we need.
calculate (that)
Sally calculated that she’d have about £100 left.
calculate something on something
Rates are calculated on an hourly basis.

In everyday English, people usually say that they work something out or, in American English, figure something out, rather than calculate it:
We still haven’t worked out how much it’s all going to cost.

2. to guess something using as many facts as you can find
calculate (that)
Researchers calculated that this group was at a higher risk of heart disease.
calculate how/what/whether etc
It’s difficult to calculate what effect all these changes will have on the company.

3. be calculated to do something to be intended to have a particular effect:
a question calculated to embarrass him

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I. work out a number, etc.
ADV. accurately, exactly
PREP. according to The amount is calculated according to the number of years you have paid into the scheme.
at The sum involved was calculated at $82 million.

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II. guess
ADV. carefully, shrewdly | correctly He correctly calculated that the others would not dare fight back.

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