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camp /kæmp/ noun

اردوگاه نظامی ، پادگان ، اردو زدن چادر زدن ، اردوگاه ، لشکرگاه ، منزل کردن ، اردو زدن ، چادر زدن (بیشتر با) out ، عمران: چادر ، روانشناسی: اردوگاه ، ورزش: اردو ، علوم نظامی: اردو
زیست شناسی: آدنوزین منوفسفات حلقوی

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Synonyms: camp site, bivouac, camping ground, encampment, tents
Synonyms: effeminate, affected, artificial, mannered, ostentatious, posturing
Contrasted words: decamp
Related Idioms: rough it

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I. camp1 S3 W3 /kæmp/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: Latin campus 'field']

1. IN THE MOUNTAINS/FOREST ETC [uncountable and countable] a place where people stay in tents, shelters etc for a short time, usually in the mountains, a forest etc:
Let’s go back to camp – it’s getting dark.
a camp near Lake Ellen Wilson
The soldiers broke camp (=took down their tents etc) and left before dawn.
pitch/make camp (=set up a tent or shelter)
It was dark by the time we pitched camp.
We set up camp (=made the camping place ready) at nearby Icicle Lake.
The expedition’s base camp (=main camp) was 6,000 feet below the summit.
mining/logging etc camp (=a camp where people stay when they are doing these kinds of jobs)

2. prison/labour/detention etc camp a place where people are kept for a particular reason, when they do not want to be there:
a refugee camp just across the borderconcentration camp

3. FOR CHILDREN [uncountable and countable] a place where young people go to take part in activities, and where they usually stay for several days or weeks:
The camp offers hiking, fishing, canoeing, and boating.
scout camp
Two years ago, she started a summer camp for girls aged eight and older.
tennis/football etc camp (=a camp where you can do one particular activity)day camp, holiday camp

4. GROUP OF PEOPLE [countable] a group of people or organizations who have the same ideas or principles, especially in politics:
the extreme right-wing camp of the party
At least Lynne is definitely in your camp (=supports you rather than someone else, and agrees with your ideas).have a foot in both camps at foot1(21)

5. MILITARY [countable] a permanent place where soldiers live or train:
Donny is stationed at Camp Pendleton.

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II. camp2 verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: camper, from camp; camp1. camp up 1900-2000 From camp3]

1. to set up a tent or shelter and stay there for a short time:
We’ll camp by the river for the night, and move on tomorrow.
camping gear/equipment
camping gear such as a sleeping bag, tent, and backpack

2. go camping to visit an area, especially the mountains or a forest, and stay in a tent:
We went camping in the San Bernardino Mountains.
camp out phrasal verb

1. to sleep outdoors, usually in a tent:
What he liked best about scouting was camping out.

2. to stay somewhere where you do not have all the usual things that a house has:
We’ll just have to camp out until our furniture arrives.
camp something up phrasal verb informal
camp it up to deliberately use unnatural body or face movements, in a way that some people think is typical of a homosexual man

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III. camp3 adjective
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: Origin unknown]

1. a man who is camp moves or speaks in the way that people used to think was typical of homosexuals

2. (also campy American English) clothes, decorations etc that are camp are very strange, bright, or unusual

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I. in tents/huts
ADJ. makeshift, temporary | holiday, summer | base The mountaineers set up their base camp at the foot of the mountain.
transit | gypsy, travellers' | army, military | training
VERB + CAMP make, pitch, set up We pitched camp just outside the woods.
break, strike We broke camp early the next morning.
CAMP + NOUN fire (also campfire) sitting round the campfire
site (also campsite)
PREP. at a/the ~ The children are spending a week at a summer camp.

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II. prison, etc.
ADJ. concentration, detention, internment, labour, prison, prisoner-of-war | death, extermination | refugee the appalling conditions in the refugee camps
PREP. in a/the ~ She spent five years in a labour camp.

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III. group with shared beliefs
ADJ. hostile, opposing, rebel, rival | ideological, political | armed The region split into two armed camps.
VERB + CAMP switch a politician who switches camp when it suits him
divide into, split into
PREP. in a/the ~ people in both main political camps
PHRASES have a foot in both camps (= show loyalty to two different groups) He can unite the party because he has a foot in both camps.

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make/pitch camp (=put up your tents)
We made camp in a clearing in the woods.
set up camp (=put up your tents and arrange the camping place)
The soldiers set up camp outside the city.
break camp (=take down your tents ready to move to a new place)
In the morning it was time to break camp.

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See: break camp

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