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capable /ˈkeɪpəbəl/ adjective

توانا، قابل، لایق، با استعداد، صلاحیتدار، مستعد، قانون فقه: صلاحیتدار، روانشناسی: قابل
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Synonyms: able, accomplished, competent, efficient, gifted, proficient, qualified, talented
Antonyms: incapable

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capable S2 W2 AC /ˈkeɪpəbəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: capabilityincapability; adverb: capably; adjective: capableincapable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: Late Latin capabilis, from Latin capere 'to take']

1. capable of (doing) something having the qualities or ability needed to do something:
I don’t think he’s capable of murder.
The company isn’t capable of handling an order that large.
I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself, thank you!

2. able to do things well:
a strong capable woman

3. capable hands someone who is able to do something well:
Helen was put in the capable hands of hair stylist Daniel Herson.
—capably adverb

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I. having a lot of skill
VERBS be, seem She seems very capable.
ADV. extremely, highly, quite, very He has proved himself an extremely capable manager.

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II. capable of: able to do sth
VERBS appear, be, feel, look, prove, seem | become | believe sb, consider sb She could hardly believe him capable of such kindness.
ADV. fully, more than, perfectly, quite, well She is more than capable of looking after herself.
barely, hardly, scarcely He was barely capable of writing his own name.
reasonably | clearly, obviously | potentially, theoretically | physically He was not physically capable of climbing out of the window.

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BAD: She is no longer capable to do her job properly.
GOOD: She is no longer capable of doing her job properly.

Usage Note:
able to do sth : 'I hope you'll be able to come.'
capable of doing sth : 'She is quite capable of passing the exam, provided that she does some work.'

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