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careless /ˈkeələs $ ˈker-/ adjective

بی دقت
- slapdash, cavalier, inaccurate, irresponsible, lackadaisical, neglectful, offhand, slipshod, sloppy (informal)
- negligent, absent-minded, forgetful, hasty, remiss, thoughtless, unthinking
- nonchalant, artless, casual, unstudied
Antonyms: careful
Contrasted words: careful, heedful, thoughtful, concerned, considerate, punctilious, scrupulous
Related Words: forgetful, inattentive, oblivious, unmindful, lax, neglectful, negligent, slack, unconcerned, uninterested, inadequate, incapable, unfit, unqualified
English Thesaurus: careless, clumsy, sloppy, reckless, irresponsible, ...

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careless /ˈkeələs $ ˈker-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: care, carer; adjective: carefulcareless, caringUNCARING; verb: care; adverb: carefullycarelessly]

1. not paying enough attention to what you are doing, so that you make mistakes, damage things etc Antonym : careful:
It was careless of him to leave the door unlocked.
a careless mistake
careless driving
careless with
He’s careless with his glasses and has lost three pairs.
Careless talk can be disastrous for a business.

2. [usually before noun] natural and not done with any deliberate effort or attention:
He ran a hand through his hair with a careless gesture.

3. not concerned about something
careless of
a man careless of his own safety
She gave a careless shrug.
Do not use ‘careless’ to mean that someone has no worries. Use carefree: They all felt happy and carefree.
—carelessly adverb
—carelessness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be | become, get, grow She had begun to grow careless.
make sb Boredom made him careless.
ADV. extremely, very | a bit, a little, rather a rather careless mistake
PREP. about She's careless about her spelling.
of When performing his stunts he was notoriously careless of his own safety.
with He's very careless with money.

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BAD: How wonderful it would be to be young and careless again!
GOOD: How wonderful it would be to be young and carefree again!

Usage Note:
careless = paying too little attention to something: 'If you're careless, you're bound to make mistakes.'
carefree = happy because you have no worries or responsibilities: 'Some children never know what it means to be carefree.'

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