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casualty /ˈkæʒuəlti/ noun (plural casualties)

صدمه ، خسارت ، تلفات و ضایعات ، تلفات ، تصادفات ، بازرگانی: صدمه ، حادثه ، علوم نظامی: زخمی
Synonyms: victim, death, fatality, loss, sufferer, wounded

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a British television drama programme about the doctors, nurses, and medical students who work in the casualty department of a hospital ⇒ er

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casualty /ˈkæʒuəlti/ noun (plural casualties)
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: casualitas 'chance, bad luck, loss', from Late Latin casualis; casual]

1. [countable] someone who is hurt or killed in an accident or war:
Our aim is to reduce road casualties.
civilian casualties (=people who are not soldiers who are injured or killed)
cause/inflict casualties
The rebels have inflicted heavy casualties.

2. [singular] someone or something that suffers as a result of a particular event or situation
casualty of
The Safer City Project is the latest casualty of financial cutbacks.

3. [uncountable] (also Casualty) British English the part of a hospital that people are taken to when they are hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill Synonym : Emergency Room American English
in casualty
Jean ended up in casualty last night.

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I. person killed/injured in a war/an accident
ADJ. heavy, high, serious | light | pedestrian | road | civilian, military | human
VERB + CASUALTY cause, inflict The guerrillas inflicted heavy casualties on the local population.
incur, suffer Our division suffered only light casualties.
CASUALTY + NOUN figures, list, rate

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II. part of a hospital
VERB + CASUALTY be admitted to He was admitted to casualty with head injuries.
rush sb to, take sb to
CASUALTY + NOUN department, unit, ward
PREP. in ~ He works as a doctor in casualty.

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