catch up
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catch up
Synonyms: catch, benet, ensnare, entangle, entrap, snare, tangle, trap, enthrall, fascinate, grip, hold, mesmerize, spellbind

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catch up phrasal verb (see also catch)

1. to improve and reach the same standard as other people in your class, group etc:
If you miss a lot of classes, it’s very difficult to catch up.
catch up with
At the moment our technology is more advanced, but other countries are catching up with us.

2. to come from behind and reach someone in front of you by going faster
catch up with
Drive faster – they’re catching up with us.
catch somebody up British English:
You go on ahead. I’ll catch you up in a minute.

3. to do what needs to be done because you have not been able to do it until now
catch up on
I have some work to catch up on.
I need to catch up on some sleep (=after a period without enough sleep).

4. to spend time finding out what has been happening while you have been away or during the time you have not seen someone
catch up on
When I got home I phoned Jo to catch up on all the gossip.
I’ll leave you two alone – I’m sure you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

5. be/get caught up in something to be or get involved in something, especially something bad:
I didn’t want to get caught up in endless petty arguments.

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catch up
1. To take or pick up suddenly; grab (something).
She caught up the book from the table and ran out of the room.
2. To capture or trap (someone) in a situation; concern or interest very much.
Usually used in the passive with "in".
The Smith family was caught up in the war in Europe and we did not see them again till it was over.
We were so caught up in the movie we forgot what time it was.
Compare: MIX UP.
3. To go fast enough or do enough so as not to be behind; overtake; come even.
Often used with "to" or "with".
Johnny ran hard and tried to catch up to his friends.
Mary missed two weeks of school; she must work hard to catch up with her class.
Compare: UP TO.
4. To find out about or get proof to punish or arrest.
Usually used with "with".
A man told the police where the robbers were hiding, so the police finally caught up with them.
5. To result in something bad; bring punishment.
Usually used with "with".
The boy's fighting caught up with him and he was expelled from school.
Smoking will catch up with you.
6. To finish; not lose or be behind.
Used with "on" and often in the phrase "get caught up on".
Frank stayed up late to get caught up on his homework.
I have to catch up on my sleep.
We caught up on all the latest news when we got back to school and saw our friends again.
Synonym: KEEP UP.

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