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-central /sentrəl/ suffix [in nouns]
central /ˈsentrəl/ adjective

تلفن چی مرکزی ، مرکزی ، روانشناسی: مرکزی ، علوم نظامی: متصدی مرکز تلفن مرکزی مرکزی
- middle, inner, interior, mean, median, mid
- main, chief, essential, focal, fundamental, key, primary, principal
Antonyms: peripheral
Contrasted words: insignificant, minor, trivial, unimportant, borderline, marginal
Related Words: dominant, paramount, predominant, preponderant, important, significant, outstanding, salient, signal, chief, essential, foremost, leading, main, all-absorbing, controlling, master, focal, key, basic, fundamental, primary, radical
English Thesaurus: basic, fundamental, essential, central, main, ...

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-central /sentrəl/ suffix [in nouns] informal
full of a particular type of thing or person:
It was mosquito-central down by the river.
In the 1990s, London’s docklands became yuppie-central (=full of rich young people).

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central S1 W1 /ˈsentrəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: CENTRE/CENTER, centralizationdecentralization, centralism, centrist; adjective: central, centralizeddecentralized, CENTRED/CENTERED, centrist; verb: CENTRE/CENTER, centralizedecentralize; adverb: centrally]

1. MIDDLE [only before noun, no comparative] in the middle of an area or an object:
He lives in central London.
The roof is supported by a central column.
Central America/Asia/Europe etc

2. FROM ONE PLACE [only before noun, no comparative] used about the part of an organization, system etc which controls the rest of it, or its work:
the party’s central office
the system’s central control unit
central planning

3. IMPORTANT more important and having more influence than anything else
central to
values which are central to our society
Owen played a central role in the negotiations.
His ideas were of central importance in the development of the theory.
central idea/theme/concern etc
Education has become a central issue in public debate.

4. EASY ACCESS a place that is central is easy to reach because it is near the middle of a town or area:
It’s very central, just five minutes’ walk from the main square.
—centrally adverb:
Our office is centrally situated.
All data is held centrally.
—centrality /senˈtræləti, senˈtrælɪti/ noun [uncountable]

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I. in the centre
ADV. very Our house is very central, so we can easily get to theatres and cinemas.

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II. most important
ADV. absolutely This distinction is of absolutely central importance.
PREP. to These facts are central to the case.

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a central role/part
The report emphasizes the central role of science in society.
a central issue
Education is a central issue for the government.
a central theme
What would you say is the central theme of the book?
a central figure (=an important person with a lot of influence)
During this time he was a central figure in American politics.
a central feature
Cultural diversity is a central feature of modern British society.
be of central importance
Loving care is of central importance to a child’s development.
a central concern
Environmental problems are now a central concern.
a central idea
This was a central idea in Marxist theory.
a central argument (=the main set of reasons for or against something)
Let’s consider the central argument for reducing the voting age.
a central aspect
The spread of ideas is a central aspect of globalization.

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