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cheerful /ˈtʃɪəfəl $ ˈtʃɪr-/ adjective

بشاش ، خوش روی
Synonyms: happy, buoyant, cheery, chirpy (informal), enthusiastic, jaunty, jolly, light-hearted, merry, optimistic, upbeat (informal)
Antonyms: gloomy, glum, cheerless
Contrasted words: blue, dejected, depressed, melancholy, dispirited, heavyhearted, joyless, mournful, sorrowful, woeful, dour, morose, saturnine, sullen, doleful, lugubrious, austere, forbidding, grim, stern
Related Idioms: in good (or high) spirits, of good cheer
Related Words: airy, carefree, debonair, jaunty, animated, gay, lighthearted, lively, vivacious, buoyant, corky
English Thesaurus: happy, cheerful, be in a good mood, contented, pleased/glad, ...

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cheerful /ˈtʃɪəfəl $ ˈtʃɪr-/ adjective

1. happy, or behaving in a way that shows you are happy:
She’s feeling more cheerful today.
I’m making a real effort to be cheerful despite everything.
cheerful voice/smile/manner etc
‘I’m Robyn,’ she said with a cheerful smile.
It does me good to see a cheerful face.

2. something that is cheerful makes you feel happy because it is so bright or pleasant:
a bright cheerful Italian restaurant
There was a cheerful picture on the wall.
The house has a cheerful atmosphere.

3. tending to be happy most of the time:
She was a cheerful and agreeable companion.
Before the accident he had been cheerful and confident.

4. [only before noun] a cheerful attitude shows that you are willing to do whatever is necessary in a happy way:
a cheerful approach to the job
—cheerfully adverb:
He smiled cheerfully.
‘Morning!’ she called cheerfully.
—cheerfulness noun [uncountable]
cheap and cheerful at cheap1(1)

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | become | keep, remain, stay I'm amazed that she keeps so cheerful.
keep sb We tried to keep him cheerful.
ADV. amazingly, extremely, incredibly, remarkably, very | almost | fairly, quite | falsely ‘The doctor is on her way, ’ said Mrs Morris, sounding falsely cheerful.

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