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chemistry /ˈkeməstri, ˈkemɪstri/ noun [uncountable]

علم شیمی ، علوم مهندسی: شیمی
کامپیوتر: شیمی

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chemistry S2 /ˈkeməstri, ˈkemɪstri/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: chemical, chemist, chemistry; adverb: chemically; adjective: chemical]

1. the science that is concerned with studying the structure of substances and the way that they change or combine with each other ⇒ biochemistry, biology, physics

2. if there is chemistry between two people, they like each other and find each other attractive
chemistry between
It’s obvious that there’s a very real chemistry between them.

3. the way substances combine in a particular process, thing, person etc:
a person’s body chemistry

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I. subject of study
ADJ. analytical, applied, theoretical | environmental, physical | industrial | inorganic, organic
CHEMISTRY + NOUN set For her twelfth birthday, she asked for a chemistry set.
 ⇒ Note at SUBJECT (for verbs and nouns)

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II. chemical structure of substance
ADJ. blood, soil, water, etc. | body natural changes in body chemistry

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III. personal feelings/attraction
ADJ. personal | sexual
PREP. ~ between The personal chemistry between the two stars of the film is obvious.

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