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clash /klæʃ/ verb
clash noun [countable]

برخورد ، تصادم شدید کردن
- conflict, cross swords, feud, grapple, lock horns, quarrel, war, wrangle
- crash, bang, clang, clank, clatter, jangle, jar, rattle
- conflict, brush, collision, confrontation, difference of opinion, disagreement, fight, showdown (informal)
Antonyms: harmonize
Contrasted words: accord, blend, conform, correspond, fit, meet, suit
Related Idioms: swear at one another, clash of arms, passage at (or of) arms
Related Words: fret, gall, grate, try, brawl, broil, fracas, riot, row, rumpus, scrap, set-to, action, battle, conflict, engagement, embroilment, encounter

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Clash, The
a British punk band which started performing in 1976. Their albums include The Clash and London Calling. Their success continued even when punk was no longer fashionable.

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I. clash1 /klæʃ/ verb
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: From the sound of sharp blows]

1. [intransitive] if two armies, groups etc clash, they start fighting – used in news reports:
Troops clashed near the border.
clash with
Police have clashed with demonstrators again today.

2. [intransitive] if two people or groups clash, they argue because they have very different beliefs and opinions – used in news reports
clash with
Democrats clashed with Republicans in a heated debate.
clash over/on
The two men have clashed over the report’s conclusions.

3. [intransitive] if two colours or designs clash, they look very bad together
clash with
I can’t wear red – it clashes with my hair.

4. [intransitive] especially British English if two events clash, they happen at the same time in a way that is inconvenient Synonym : conflict American English
clash with
The announcement has been delayed to avoid clashing with the Prime Minister’s speech.

5. [intransitive and transitive] if two pieces of metal clash, or if you clash them, they make a loud ringing sound:
The cymbals clashed.

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II. clash2 noun [countable]

1. a short fight between two armies or groups – used in news reports:
armed clashes along the border
clash between/with
violent clashes between police and demonstrators

2. an argument between two people or groups because they have very different beliefs or opinions – used in news reports
clash between/with
The plans put oil companies in a head-on clash with environmentalists.
personality/culture clash (=a situation in which two people or groups do not like each other)

3. a sports match between two teams, players etc that is expected to be very exciting – used in sports reports:
The heavyweight clash goes ahead in Las Vegas on 8 May.

4. a situation in which two events happen at the same time in a way that is inconvenient:
a scheduling clash on TV

5. a loud sound made by two metal objects hitting each other:
the clash of swords

6. a combination of two colours, designs etc that look bad together:
a colour clash

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ADJ. angry, bitter, fierce, serious | armed, bloody, violent | head-on The leaders are preparing for a head-on clash at the summit.
culture, personality
VERB + CLASH lead to
CLASH + VERB break out
PREP. in a/the ~ Several people were injured in violent clashes with the police.
~ between Clashes between the rebels and government forces have broken out in the north.
~ of a clash of opinions
~ over Differences in the aims of the two unions have led to serious clashes over policy.
~ with
PHRASES a clash of cultures/interests/wills

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ADV. violently | repeatedly
PREP. on/over He has clashed repeatedly with the team coach over training schedules.
with They often clash violently with rival gangs.

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a violent clash
Four people were killed during violent clashes with the army.
a fierce/bitter clash (=involving violence and strong feelings)
Fierce clashes swept across Bosnia and Croatia.
a serious clash
This was one of the most serious clashes since the two countries agreed to a ceasefire.
a minor clash
Minor clashes were reported to have taken place between police and students.
an armed clash (=involving the use of weapons)
The violence could soon become armed clashes and even a war.
an ethnic clash (=between people of different races)
20 people died in ethnic clashes before Christmas.
lead to a clash
The anti-war protests led to violent clashes between police and demonstrators.
a clash occurs
A number of clashes occurred throughout the south between these opposing groups.
a clash breaks out
Armed clashes broke out on Tuesday between the military and the rebels.
a clash takes place
Fierce clashes took place with local police.
be killed/injured in a clash
Eight people were killed in clashes between the army and police.

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