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clasp /klɑːsp $ klæsp/ noun
clasp verb [transitive]

گره فلزی ، چفت ، گیره قزن قفلی ، جفت چپراست ، قلاب ، دراغوش گرفتن ، بستن ، معماری: سگک ، علوم نظامی: قلاب
- fastening, brooch, buckle, catch, clip, fastener, grip, hook, pin
- grasp, embrace, grip, hold, hug
- grasp, clutch, embrace, grip, hold, hug, press, seize, squeeze
- fasten, connect
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I. clasp1 /klɑːsp $ klæsp/ noun

1. [countable] a small metal object for fastening a bag, belt, piece of jewellery etc

2. [singular] a tight hold Synonym : grip:
the firm clasp of her hand

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II. clasp2 verb [transitive] written

1. to hold someone or something tightly, closing your fingers or arms around them Synonym : grip:
A baby monkey clasps its mother’s fur tightly.
clasp your hands/arms around/behind something
Fenella leaned forward, clasping her hands around her knees.
She stood with her hands clasped tightly together.
clasp somebody/something in your hands/arms
She clasped the photograph in her hands.
clasp somebody to your chest/bosom (=hold someone tightly with your arms)

2. to fasten something with a clasp

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ADV. tightly She clasped her bag tightly as she walked through the crowd.
lightly, loosely | warmly He clasped my hand warmly in welcome.
together She faced Will, her hands clasped together.

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