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cleanse /klenz/ verb [transitive]

پاک کردن ، تمیز کردن (بمعانی clean vt.& vi.مراجعه شود) ، تطهیرکردن ، تبرئه کردن
Synonyms: clean, absolve, clear, purge, purify, rinse, scour, scrub, wash
Related Words: disinfect, sanitize, sterilize
English Thesaurus: clean, wash, wipe, scrub, rinse, ...

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cleanse /klenz/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: cleaner, cleaning, cleanliness, clean, cleanser; verb: clean, cleanse; adverb: clean, cleanly; adjective: cleanunclean]

1. to make something completely clean:
Use a piece of gauze to cleanse the cut.
The water is cleansed and reused.

2. to remove everything that is bad or immoral from a person’s character, an organization, or a place – used especially in news reports
cleanse somebody/something of something
The mayor was elected on a promise to cleanse the city government of corruption.
ethnic cleansing

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ADV. thoroughly | gently
PREP. of a treatment to cleanse the body of toxins

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