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climax /ˈklaɪmæks/ noun [countable usually singular]

اوج ، راس ، قله ، منتها درجه ، باوج رسیدن ، روانشناسی: اوج جنسی ، زیست شناسی: کلیماکس
Synonyms: culmination, height, highlight, high point, peak, summit, top, zenith
Related Words: content, please, satisfy, conclude, end, finish, terminate

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I. climax1 /ˈklaɪmæks/ noun [countable usually singular]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: Greek klimax 'ladder', from klinein 'to lean']

1. the most exciting or important part of a story or experience, which usually comes near the end ⇒ climactic
climax of
the climax of his naval career
climax to
a thrilling climax to the game
The festival reaches its climax with the traditional boat-burning ceremony.

2. an orgasm

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II. climax2 verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] if a situation, process, or story climaxes, it reaches its most important or exciting part
climax in/with
a series of special events climaxing with a spectacular fireworks show

2. [intransitive] to have an orgasm

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I. exciting/important event, point in time, etc.
ADJ. big, dramatic, exciting, grand, great, powerful, thrilling | fitting
VERB + CLIMAX come to, reach The crisis reached its climax in the 1970s.
approach, near, rise to, build up to, work up to The story gradually builds up to a powerful climax.
bring sth to The affair was brought to a climax when the chairman resigned.
mark Yesterday marked the climax of the celebrations.
CLIMAX + VERB come The climax came at the end of the second act of the play.
PREP. at the ~ The hero dies at the climax of the opera.
in a/the ~ In a dramatic climax, our team lost the match by one goal.
~ to His promotion was a fitting climax to a worthy career.

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II. highest point of sexual pleasure
ADJ. sexual
VERB + CLIMAX achieve, reach She found it hard to achieve a/reach climax.

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reach a climax
The film reaches its climax in the final scene.
come to a climax
Things came to a climax with a large protest march on June 30th.
build up to a climax
The music was getting louder and building up to a climax.
near/approach a climax
One of the most important trials in recent history is nearing its climax today.
move towards a climax
Political tensions were moving towards a climax.
bring something to a climax
He scored again, bringing the game to a climax.
mark the climax of something (=show that something has reached its best point)
This painting marked the climax of his career.
a climax comes
The climax came when the President ordered an air strike on the capital.
a thrilling/dramatic/exciting climax
In this scene, the play reaches its dramatic climax.
a fitting climax (=a very suitable one)
The concert was a very successful occasion and a fitting climax to the school year.
a grand climax
Everyone was hoping that the peace talks would come to a grand climax.
a sensational/spectacular climax
The match was a sensational climax to the season.

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