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closely /ˈkləʊsli $ ˈkloʊs-/ adverb

Synonyms: hard, intently, searchingly, sharply
Contrasted words: carelessly, heedlessly, thoughtlessly
Related Words: carefully, heedfully, mindfully, thoughtfully, meticulously, minutely, punctiliously, scrupulously

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closely S3 W2 /ˈkləʊsli $ ˈkloʊs-/ adverb
[Word Family: adverb: close, closely; verb: close; noun: closeness; adjective: close]

1. very carefully:
The detective watched him closely, waiting for a reply.
closely controlled/guarded/monitored etc
Political activity is closely controlled.
Details of the program are a closely-guarded secret.

2. to a very great degree:
I have been closely involved in the work of both committees.
The successful applicant will be working closely with our international staff.
a creature that closely resembles a red monkey

3. closely related/connected/associated etc if two or more things are closely related etc, there is a strong connection between them:
closely related subjects such as physics, chemistry, and maths
Her development as a writer is closely connected with her religion.

4. in a way that is close to other things in time or space:
lightning, followed closely by thunder
We were so closely packed in the elevator I could hardly move.

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