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club /klʌb/ noun [countable]
Club 18–30 /ˌklʌb ˌeɪtiːn ˈθɜːti $ -ˈθɜːr-/

(adj.&n.) چماق ، گرز ، (درورق) خال گشنیز ، خاج ، کانون ، مجمع
(vti.&vi) چماق زدن ، تشکیل باشگاه یا انجمن دادن ، ورزش: باشگاه ، علوم نظامی: کلوب
- association, company, fraternity, group, guild, lodge, set, society, union
- stick, bat, bludgeon, cosh (Brit.), cudgel, truncheon
- beat, bash, batter, bludgeon, cosh (Brit.), hammer, pummel, strike

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I. club1 S1 W1 /klʌb/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old Norse; Origin: klubba 'heavy stick']

a) [also + plural verb British English] an organization for people who share a particular interest or enjoy similar activities, or a group of people who meet together to do something they are interested in
rugby/golf/squash etc club
Our chess club really needs new members.
club for
a club for unemployed young people
It costs £15 to join the club.
She belongs to a local health club.
b) the building or place where the members of a particular club meet or play sport:
We could have dinner at the golf club, fan club, youth club

2. PROFESSIONAL SPORT [also + plural verb British English] especially British English a professional organization including the players, managers, and owners of a sports team:
Manchester United Football Club

3. FOR DANCING/MUSIC a place where people go to dance, listen to music, and meet socially:
a jazz club
Shall we go to a club?
I’m not into the club scene at all.

4. TRADITIONAL MEN’S CLUB especially British English
a) an organization, traditionally for men only, which provides a comfortable place for its members to relax, eat, or stay the night:
I always stay at my London club.
b) the building where this organization is based

5. book/record/wine etc club an organization which people join to buy books, records, wine etc cheaply

6. GOLF (also golf club) a long thin metal stick used in golf to hit the ball

7. WEAPON a thick heavy stick used to hit people

a) clubs one of the four suits (=types of cards) in a set of playing cards, which has the design of three round black leaves in a group together
ten/king etc of clubs
the ace of clubs
b) a card from this suit:
You have to play a club.

9. in the club British English old-fashioned if a woman is in the club, she is going to have a baby – used humorously Synonym : pregnant

10. join the club (also welcome to the club American English) spoken used after someone has described a bad situation that they are in, to tell them that you are in the same situation:
‘He never listens to me.’ ‘Join the club.’

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II. club2 verb (past tense and past participle clubbed, present participle clubbing) [transitive]
to hit someone hard with a heavy object:
baby seals being clubbed to death
club together phrasal verb
if people club together, they share the cost of something:
We clubbed together to buy her a present.

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Club 18–30 /ˌklʌb ˌeɪtiːn ˈθɜːti $ -ˈθɜːr-/ trademark
a British company that sells low-cost holidays to young people aged between 18 and 30, mainly in places on the Mediterranean coast. Many British people have the idea that people who go on Club 18–30 holidays are mostly interested in sex and drinking alcohol.

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I. group of people who meet to share an interest
ADJ. exclusive, private, top one of the top football clubs in the country
local | social | youth | fan, sports | football, golf, etc. She plays at the local tennis club.
book, record
VERB + CLUB belong to She belongs to a book club.
become a member of, join | form, start | run Who runs the tennis club?
CLUB + NOUN chairman, manager, member, official, player, secretary | cricket, football | bar
PREP. in a/the ~ How many people are there in the club?

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II. where people go and listen to music, dance, etc.
ADJ. jazz, night (also nightclub)
CLUB + NOUN scene a new style of music on the London club scene

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III. playing card
 ⇒ Note at CARD

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a football/tennis/golf etc club
There’s a football club for the young people in the area.
a sports club
Why don’t you join one of the school sports clubs?
a youth club (=for young people)
The youth club is on Thursday nights in the village hall.
a social club (=where you meet people and talk)
Older people may benefit from joining a social club.
a health club (=where you go to do physical exercise)
The hotel has its own health club with saunas, solarium and work-out equipment.
a fan club (=for people who like a particular team, band, person etc)
I used to be a member of the Take That fan club.
a country club (=a sports and social club, usually in the countryside)
Ted was a member of an exclusive country club.
join a club
I decided to join the computer club.
belong to a club
Do you belong to any university clubs or societies?
form a club (=start one)
It’s always possible to form your own club.
run a club (=organize one)
My Dad helps to run the rowing club.
a club welcomes somebody (=is happy to accept new members)
The chess club welcomes both beginners and experienced players.
a club member/member of a club
There’s a monthly magazine for club members.
club membership
Club membership costs £300 per year.
a club chairman/president
Reg took over as club chairman three years ago,
a club secretary
For further information about membership, contact the club secretary.
a club official (=someone with a position of authority in the club)
At this meeting we will elect new club officials.

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