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card /kɑːd $ kɑːrd/ noun

برگه ، برگ ، گنجفه ، کارت ویزیت ، بلیط ، مقوا ، کارت تبریک ، کارت عضویت ، ورق بازی کردن ، پنبه زنی ، ماشین پرداخت پارچه ، کامپیوتر: کارت ، روانشناسی: کارت ، ورزش: امتیاز معین را درهربخش از بازی بدست اوردن
الکترونیک: کارت ، کامپیوتر: امتیاز معین را درهربخش از بازی بدست اوردن ، ورزشی: برگه ، کارت ، روانشناسی: برگ ، ورق ، ورق بازی ، گنجفه ، کارت ، کارت ویزیت ، بلیط، مقوا، کارت تبریک ، کارت عضویت ، ورق بازی کردن ، پنبه زنی ، ماشین پرداخت پارچه کامپیوتر: کارت

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Synonyms: wag, comedian, humorist, joker, zany, program, agenda, calendar, docket, programma, schedule, sked, timetable, menu, carte du jour
Synonyms: schedule, sked

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I. card1 S1 W2 /kɑːd $ kɑːrd/ noun
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: carte, from Old Italian carta 'sheet of paper', from Latin charta; chart1]

1. INFORMATION [countable] a small piece of plastic or paper containing information about a person or showing, for example, that they belong to a particular organization, club etc:
Employees must show their identity cards at the gate.
I haven’t got my membership card yet.

2. MONEY [countable] a small piece of plastic, especially one that you get from a bank or shop, which you use to pay for goods or to get money:
Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately.
a £10 phone card
Every time you use your store card, you get air miles.charge card, cheque card, credit card, debit card

3. GREETINGS [countable] a piece of folded thick stiff paper with a picture on the front, that you send to people on special occasions
birthday/Christmas/greetings etc card
a Mother’s Day card

4. HOLIDAY [countable] a card with a photograph or picture on one side, that you send to someone when you are on holiday Synonym : postcard:
I sent you a card from Madrid.

5. STIFF PAPER [uncountable] British English thick stiff paper ⇒ cardboard:
Cut a piece of white card 12 × 10 cm.

6. FOR WRITING INFORMATION [countable] a small piece of thick stiff paper that information can be written or printed on:
a set of recipe cards
a score card

GAMES [countable]
a) a small piece of thick stiff paper with numbers and signs or pictures on one side. There are 52 cards in a set. Synonym : playing card
pack/deck of cards (=a complete set of cards)
b) a game in which these cards are used:
I’m no good at cards.
We were having a game of cards.
Let’s play cards.
a book of card games
c) a small piece of thick stiff paper with numbers or pictures on them, used to play a particular game:
a set of cards for playing Snap

8. football/baseball etc card a small piece of thick stiff paper with a picture on one side, that is part of a set which people collect

9. BUSINESS [countable] a small piece of thick stiff paper that shows your name, job, and the company you work for Synonym : business cardvisiting card:
My name’s Adam Carver. Here’s my card.

10. COMPUTER [countable] the thing inside a computer that the chips are attached to, that allows the computer to do specific things:
a graphics card

11. be on the cards British English, be in the cards American English to seem likely to happen:
At 3–1 down, another defeat seemed to be on the cards.

12. play your cards right to deal with a situation in the right way, so that you are successful in getting what you want:
If he plays his cards right, Tony might get a promotion.

13. put/lay your cards on the table to tell people what your plans and intentions are in a clear honest way:
What I’d like us to do is put our cards on the table and discuss the situation in a rational manner.

14. play/keep your cards close to your chest to keep your plans, thoughts, or feelings secret

15. get/be given your cards British English informal to have your job taken away from you

16. have another card up your sleeve to have another advantage that you can use to be successful in a particular situation

17. trump/best/strongest card something that gives you a big advantage in a particular situation:
The promise of tax cuts proved, as always, to be the Republican Party’s trump card.

18. sb’s card is marked British English if someone’s card is marked, they have done something that makes people in authority disapprove of them

19. PERSON [countable] old-fashioned informal an amusing or unusual person:
Fred’s a real card, isn’t he!

20. SPORT [countable] a small piece of stiff red or yellow paper, shown to a player who has done something wrong in a game such as football

21. LIST AT SPORTS EVENT [countable] a list of races or matches at a sports event, especially a horse race:
a full card of 120 riders for the Veterans race

22. TAROT [countable] a small piece of thick stiff paper with a special picture on one side, that is put down in a pattern in order to tell someone what will happen in their future

23. TOOL [countable] technical a tool that is similar to a comb and is used for combing, cleaning, and preparing wool or cotton for spinning
hold all the cards at hold1(30), ⇒ play the race/nationalist/environmentalist etc card at play1(14), ⇒ stack the cards at stack2(4)

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II. card2 verb [transitive]
[Sense 1-2: Date: 1900-2000; Origin: card1]
[Sense 3: Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: carder, from Late Latin cardus 'thistle'; because thistles were used for carding wool]

1. especially American English to ask someone to show a card proving that they are old enough to do something, especially to buy alcohol

2. to show a red or yellow card to someone playing a sport such as football, to show that they have done something wrong

3. to comb, clean, and prepare wool or cotton, before making cloth

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I. giving information
ADJ. business, calling, visiting | appointment, invitation | identity, membership | index, record, report | flash (also flashcard) | swipe | smart
PREP. on a/the ~ She wrote the main points of her speech on index cards.

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II. used to pay/get money
ADJ. plastic He had a wallet full of plastic cards.
cash, charge, cheque (guarantee), credit, debit | phone | ration
VERB + CARD pay by, put sth on, use She paid for her holiday by credit card. I'll put the meal on my card.
accept, take The restaurant accepts all major credit cards.
issue (sb with) The bank hasn't issued me with a cheque card yet.
CARD + NOUN number | holder | fraud

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III. greetings card
ADJ. greeting/greetings | birthday, Christmas, get-well, sympathy
VERB + CARD give sb, send sb | sign, write Everyone at work signed a card for her.
get, receive

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IV. used for a game
ADJ. playing | winning | court, picture | trump (figurative) This defender's ability to score vital goals has often proved a trump card.
QUANT. deck, pack
VERB + CARD cut, deal, shuffle | pick ‘Pick a card,’ said the conjurer.
hold (often figurative) The kidnappers hold all the cards (= are in control of the situation).
CARD + NOUN game, player, table 5 cards game
QUANT. game
VERB + CARD play We play cards every Friday night.
lose/win at He always wins at cards.
CARD + NOUN game
playing cards
two, three, etc. of ~s
   the four of hearts
jack, queen, king, ace of ~s
   the ace of spades
high, low ~
   a low club
black, red ~
   You can't put a red five on a red six.
pick up, take ~
   Why didn't you pick up the king?
have, hold ~
   He knew his opponents held only spades and diamonds.
lay/put down, play ~
   She put down a joker.
lead ~
   You should have led a high spade.
draw ~
   Use your ace and king to draw the trumps.
trump ~
   He trumped my ace!
~ be trumps/wild/high
   Spades are trumps.
   Let's play again. This time twos are wild, aces high.

~ trick (in games like bridge and whist)
   We needed to take three more spade tricks.
on a/the ~
   You can play either a nine or a jack on a ten.

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an identity/ID card (=one that proves who you are)
All US citizens must carry an identity card.
a membership card
Do you have a library membership card?
a student card
Entrance is free if you have a student card.
a medical card (=one that proves who you are when you change doctors)
You will need to bring your medical card.
an appointment card (=one with your appointments on)
The dentist gave me a new appointment card.
a swipe card (=one that you slide through a machine in order to open a door)
Swipe cards are used to enhance security.
a smart card (=one with an electronic part that records information)
Keeping medical records on small plastic smart cards seems to be a success.
a sim card (=one in a mobile phone that allows you to use a network)
You may need a new sim card when you travel abroad.
a donor card (=one that shows you want your organs to be given to someone when you die)
We want to encourage more people to carry a donor card.
carry a card (=have one with you)
Motorists could soon be forced to carry an ID card.
flash a card (=show one very quickly)
He flashed his ID card at the guard and walked straight in.
a credit card (=one you use to buy things and pay later)
He had paid by credit card.
a debit card (also check card American English) (=one you use to pay for things directly from your account)
The store only accepts debit cards.
a cash card (also an ATM card especially American English) (=one you use to get cash from a machine)
You should report stolen cash cards immediately.
a bank/cheque card British English (=one that you must show when you write a cheque)
Always keep your cheque book and cheque card separately.
a charge/store card (=one that allows you to buy things from a particular shop and pay for them later)
Store cards often have high rates of interest.
a phone card (=one that you can use in some public telephones)
You can use this phone card in several countries.
a card number
What's your card number?
the card holder (=the person that a card belongs to)
1 in 10 store card holders owes more than £500.
card fraud (=the illegal use of other people’s cards)
Many consumers are afraid of credit card fraud.
card details (=the information that is on a card)
Hackers stole hundreds of people's card details.
pay by card
Is it all right if I pay by card?
put something on your card (=pay by credit card)
I’ll put the restaurant bill on my card.
use your card
I don’t use a card if I can pay by cash.
accept/take a card (=allow you to pay by card)
Big hotels will accept most cards.

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