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clutch /klʌtʃ/ verb

تزویج یا پیوستن دو عضو متحرک کلاج ، پیوست ، چنگال ، کلاچ ، وضع دشوار ، چنگ زدن ، محکم گرفتن ، علوم مهندسی: تزویج ، ورزش: سستی در مسابقه ، علوم هوایی: کلاچ ، علوم نظامی: گیرپاژ کردن
Synonyms: seize, catch, clasp, cling to, embrace, grab, grasp, grip, snatch
Related Words: clench, clinch, gripe, cherish, harbor, hold, keep
English Thesaurus: hold, grip, clutch, clasp, get/take hold of something, ...

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I. clutch1 /klʌtʃ/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: clyccan]

1. [transitive] to hold something tightly because you do not want to lose it Synonym : grip, grasp:
She was clutching a bottle of champagne.

2. [intransitive and transitive] (also clutch at somebody/something)
a) to suddenly take hold of someone or something because you are frightened, in pain, or in danger Synonym : grab:
He clutched at a pillar for support.
Tom fell to the ground clutching his stomach.
b) clutch at sb’s heart if something clutches at your heart, you suddenly feel fear or nervousness

3. be clutching at straws especially British English to be trying everything possible to find a solution or hope in a difficult situation, even though it will probably be unsuccessful:
I knew that trying the alternative medicine was just clutching at straws.

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II. clutch2 noun
[Sense 1-2,4: Date: 1600-1700; Origin: clutch1]
[Sense 3: Date: 1700-1800; Origin: cletch 'clutch' (17-19 centuries), from cleck 'to hatch' (15-19 centuries), from Old Norse klekja]

1. [countable] the pedal that you press with your foot when driving a vehicle in order to change gear, or the part of the vehicle that this controls

2. sb’s clutches [plural] the power, influence, or control that someone has:
a small boy trying to escape from his mother’s clutches
in sb’s clutches
She’ll have him in her clutches soon enough.

3. clutch of something a small group of similar things:
a clutch of eggs (=the number of eggs laid by a bird at one time)
a clutch of young mothers

4. [singular] a tight hold that someone has on something Synonym : grip, grasp:
I shook myself free of her clutch.

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I. sb/sth's clutches sb/sth's power/control
VERB + CLUTCH fall into She fell into the clutches of the rebel forces.
escape (from)
PREP. in sb's ~ They had him in their clutches.
out of sb's ~ Once she was out of their clutches, she fled across the border.

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II. in a car
VERB + CLUTCH drop, engage, put your foot on | disengage, let in/out, release, take your foot off Put it into first gear and let the clutch out slowly.
ride (= to keep in a state between full engagement and disengagement) The driver at the traffic lights was riding his clutch.
CLUTCH + VERB engage | disengage | slip

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ADV. firmly, tightly | desperately
PREP. at He felt himself slipping and clutched at a branch.
PHRASES clutch sth in your hand She clutched her handbag tightly in one hand.
clutch sth to your chest She clutched the letter to her chest.

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