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coat /kəʊt $ koʊt/ noun [countable]

لایه (ی رنگ) ، پوشش ، کت ، نیمتنه ، پوشاندن ، روکش کردن ، اندودن ، علوم مهندسی: استر کردن ، عمران: روکش ، معماری: روکش ، علوم دریایی: لایه
زیست شناسی: پوشش بدنی یک حیوان

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- fur, fleece, hair, hide, pelt, skin, wool
- layer, coating, covering, overlay
- cover, apply, plaster, smear, spread

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I. coat1 S2 W3 /kəʊt $ koʊt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: cote]

1. a piece of clothing with long sleeves that is worn over your clothes to protect them or to keep you warm:
Billy! Put your coat on, it’s cold outside!
The kids took off their coats and threw them on the floor.
I need a new winter coat.
The lab assistants wear long white coats.morning coat

2. American English a jacket that you wear as part of a suit Synonym : jacket

3. the fur, wool, or hair that covers an animal’s body:
a dog with a glossy coat

4. a thin layer of a paint or other substance that you spread thinly over the surface of something
coat of
He applied a light coat of varnish.
cut your coat according to your cloth at cut1(43)

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II. coat2 verb [transitive]
to cover something with a thin layer of something else:
A layer of snow coated the trees.
coat something with/in something
Next, coat the fish with breadcrumbs.

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I. piece of clothing
ADJ. long | short | three-quarter-length | heavy | light | winter | waterproof | fur-trimmed | double-breasted, single-breasted | belted | duffle, frock, morning, tail, trench
VERB + COAT pull on, shrug (yourself) into, shrug on, throw on | pull off, shrug off | button (up) The coat was buttoned up wrong.
unbutton | hang (up)
COAT + NOUN collar, pocket, sleeve, tail | hook
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II. fur/hair covering an animal's body
ADJ. long | short | thick | rough | smooth | curly, fluffy, furry, shaggy, silky, woolly a dog with a long shaggy coat
glossy | spotted, striped | winter
VERB + COAT shed The dog sheds its winter coat once the weather becomes warmer.

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III. layer of sth covering a surface
ADJ. thick | thin | fresh, new The room needs a fresh coat of paint.
base | final, top
VERB + COAT apply, put on Make sure the base coat has thoroughly dried before applying the top coat.
PREP. ~ of a coat of paint/varnish

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ADV. completely | heavily, thickly | lightly | specially The fabric has been specially coated to improve its water resistance.
PREP. in Coat the fish in the sauce.
with The furniture was thickly coated with dust.

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I was wrapped up in a nice warm coat.
She was wearing a heavy coat and a thick scarf.
a winter coat
You’ll need a good winter coat in Canada.
a waterproof coat
I took my walking boots and a waterproof coat.
a trench coat (=a long raincoat with a belt)
a military-style trench coat
a duffle coat (=a warm coat with a hood, and buttons shaped like tubes)
He pulled the hood of his duffle coat over his eyes.
a tweed/wool/sheepskin/leather coat
I love her black leather coat.
a fur coat (=made from an animal’s fur)
In Moscow a lot of the women wear fur coats.
a camel coat (=a thick pale brown coat made from wool, sometimes mixed with camel hair)
He wore a smart camel coat over his suit.
a morning coat/tailcoat (=a formal coat that men sometimes wear for weddings)
wear a coat
He was wearing a long coat.
put on your coat
Mark stood up and put on his coat.
take off/remove your coat
She took off her coat and went into the kitchen.
a coat pocket
I thought my wallet was in my coat pocket.
a coat sleeve
The small boy was pulling at his mother's coat sleeve.
a coat collar
He turned up his coat collar.
a coat hook (=for hanging a coat on a wall)
He hung his jacket on a coat hook in the hall.

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