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cut /kʌt/ verb (past tense and past participle cut, present participle cutting)
cut noun [countable]

تغییر سمت سریع (نسبت مدافع) ، حذف بازیگر پس از ازمایش ، کات ، خاکبرداری ، کند ، بریدن ، گسیختن ، گسستن ، چیدن ، زدن ، پاره کردن ، قطع کردن ، کم کردن ، تراش دادن (الماس وغیره) ، عبور کردن ، گذاشتن ، برش ، چاک ، شکاف ، معبر ، کانال ، جوی ، تخفیف ، بریدگی ، بریده ، تقلیل دادن ، علوم مهندسی: برش ، کامپیوتر: بریدن ، معماری: بریدگی ، ورزش: ضربه قوس دار پرتاب به پشت میله ها ، توپ قوسدار بلند ، درو زدن ژیمناست

: cut(sabre)

ضربه برش (شمشیربازی) ، ورزش: ضربه برش
الکترونیک: بریدن ، کامپیوتر: بریدن ، قطع کردن ، برش ، علوم مهندسی: تغییر سمت سریع ، نسبت مدافع : ، حذف بازیگر پس از ازمایش ، ضربه قوس دار پرتاب به پشت میله ها ، کریکت : ، کات ، توپ قوسدار بلند ، تنیس : فرستادن گوی هدف بیلیارد با ضربه قوسدار به زاویه تند ، درو زدن ژیمناست ، ورزشی: خاکبرداری ، کند ، برش ، بریدگی ، معماری: بریدن ، گسیختن ، گسستن ، چیدن ، زدن ، پاره کردن ، قطع کردن ، کم کردن ، تراش دادن( الماس وغیره)، عبور کردن ، گذاشتن ، برش ، چاک ، شکاف ، معبر، کانال ، جوی ، تخفیف ، بریدگی ، بریده ، تقلیل دادن کامپیوتر: همزمان کپی و پاک کردن ، بریدن

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- penetrate, chop, pierce, score, sever, slash, slice, slit, wound
- divide, bisect, dissect, slice, split
- trim, clip, hew, lop, mow, pare, prune, shave, snip
- abridge, abbreviate, condense, curtail, delete, shorten
- reduce, contract, cut back, decrease, diminish, lower, slash, slim (down)
- shape, carve, chisel, engrave, fashion, form, sculpt, whittle
- hurt, insult, put down, snub, sting, wound
- ignore, avoid, cold-shoulder, slight, spurn, turn one's back on
- incision, gash, laceration, nick, slash, slit, stroke, wound
- reduction, cutback, decrease, fall, lowering, saving
- share, percentage, piece, portion, section, slice
- style, fashion, look, shape
Related Idioms: lay open, give the cold shoulder (to), show one his place, slam the door in one's face, slam the door on, slap one in the face, turn aside (or away) from, turn one's back (on or upon)
Related Words: cleave, dissever, sever, sunder, rend, rip, rive, tear, lacerate, wound, divide, part, separate, chop, dice, hash, mince, mow, cut back, dock, lop, poll, pollard, shrub, amputate, curtail, disdain, ignore, rebuff, reject, slight, turn away, affront, insult, offend
English Thesaurus: break, smash, snap, split, fracture, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. cut1 S1 W1 /kʌt/ verb (past tense and past participle cut, present participle cutting)
[Word Family: noun: cut, cutting, cutter; verb: cut, undercut; adjective: cutting]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: From an unrecorded Old English cytan]

1. REDUCE [transitive] to reduce the amount of something:
They’re introducing CCTV cameras in an attempt to cut street crime in the area.
You need to cut the amount of fat and sugar in your diet.
Scientists are warning that unless carbon emissions are cut, we could be heading for an environmental catastrophe.
Seven hundred jobs will be lost in order to cut costs and boost profits.
The major aviation companies need to cut prices if they are to compete with budget airlines.
cut something by £1 million/$5 billion/half etc
The welfare budget has been cut by $56 billion.
cut something off something
A new direct service will cut two hours off the flying time between London and Seoul.
Staffing levels had already been cut to the bone (=reduced to the lowest level possible).

2. DIVIDE SOMETHING WITH A KNIFE, SCISSORS ETC [intransitive and transitive] to divide something or separate something from its main part, using scissors, a knife etc:
Do you want me to cut the cake?
The telephone wires had been cut minutes before the assault.
cut something with something
Jane cut the cord with a knife.
cut somebody something
Can you cut me a piece of bread, please?
cut along/across/round etc
Using a pair of scissors, cut carefully along the dotted lines.
cut through
We’ll need a saw that will cut through metal.
cut something in half/in two
Cut the orange in half.
cut something into slices/chunks/pieces etc (=make something into a particular shape by cutting)
Cut the carrots into thin strips.
cut something to size/length (=cut something so that it is the size you need)
The curtain pole can be cut to length.CUT AWAY, CUT OFF, cut out, cut up

3. MAKE SOMETHING SHORTER WITH A KNIFE ETC [transitive] to make something shorter with a knife, scissors etc, especially in order to make it neater:
For reasons of hygiene, we had to cut our fingernails really short.
cut the lawn/grass/hedge etc
From outside came the sound of someone cutting the hedge.
have/get your hair cut
It’s about time you got your hair cut.

4. REMOVE PARTS FROM FILM ETC [transitive] to remove parts from a film, book, speech etc, for example because it is too long or might offend people:
The original version was cut by more than 30 minutes.

5. MAKE A HOLE/MARK [intransitive and transitive] to make a hole or mark in the surface of something, or to open it using a sharp tool
cut into
The blade cut deep into the wood.
cut something into something
Strange letters had been cut into the stone.
Cut a hole in the middle of the paper.
Cut open the chillies and remove the seeds.

6. INJURE [transitive] to injure yourself on something sharp that breaks the skin and makes you bleed
cut your finger/knee/hand etc
I noticed he’d cut his finger quite badly.
cut yourself (on something)
Marcie said she’d cut herself on a broken glass.
That knife’s extremely sharp! Mind you don’t cut yourself.
On Eric’s chin was a scrap of cotton wool where he’d cut himself shaving.
She fell and cut her head open.

7. MAKE/FORM SOMETHING BY CUTTING [transitive] to make or form something from a solid piece of wood, metal etc using a sharp tool:
I’ll get a spare key cut for you.
cut something from something
The chair had been cut from the trunk of a tree.

8. LET SOMEBODY GET FREE [transitive] to cut something such as metal or rope in order to let someone escape from where they are trapped
cut somebody from something
She had to be cut from the wreckage of her car.
He was in the vehicle for an hour before he was cut free.

9. TOOL/MATERIAL [intransitive] if a tool cuts well, badly etc, it cuts things well or badly etc:
professional quality tools that cut efficiently and smoothly

10. CLOTHES [transitive usually passive] if a piece of clothing is cut in a particular way, that is the way it is designed and made:
The T-shirt is cut fairly low at the neck.

11. ON COMPUTER [intransitive and transitive] to remove something from a document or file on a computer:
To cut text, press Control + C.
Cut and paste the picture into a new file (=remove it and then make it appear in a new file).

12. GO A QUICK WAY [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to get to somewhere by a quicker and more direct way than the usual way ⇒ shortcut
cut through/down/across etc
I usually cut through the car park to get to work.
Let’s cut across the field.

13. DIVIDE AN AREA [intransitive and transitive] to divide an area into two or more parts
cut something in/into something
The river cuts the whole region in two.
cut through
The new road will cut through a conservation area.

14. PLAYING CARDS [intransitive and transitive] to divide a pack of cards into two:
First cut the pack, and then deal the cards

15. MUSIC [transitive] to produce a CD, song etc for people to buy:
The band cut their first single in 2001.

16. CROPS [transitive] to take the top part off crops such as wheat before gathering them

17. cut a deal to make a business deal:
A French company has reportedly cut a deal to produce software for government agencies.

18. cut (somebody) a check American English informal to write a check for a particular amount of money and give it to someone:
When the damage assessor called, he cut a check for $139.

19. cut! spoken said by the director of a film to tell people to stop acting, filming etc

20. PUT A FILM TOGETHER [transitive] to put the parts of a film together so that they make a continuous story, and get rid of the parts you do not want

21. cut in line American English to unfairly go in front of other people who are waiting to do something

22. cut class/school American English informal to deliberately not go to a class that you should go to:
She started cutting classes.

23. cut your teeth (on something) to get your first experience of doing something and learn the basic skills:
Both reporters cut their journalistic teeth on the same provincial newspaper.

24. cut corners to do something in a way that saves time, effort, or money, but that also results in it not being done properly:
There’s a temptation to cut corners when you’re pushed for time, but it’s not worth it.

25. cut something short to stop doing something earlier than you planned:
The band has cut short its US concert tour.
Her athletic career was cut short by a leg injury.

26. cut somebody short to stop someone from finishing what they wanted to say:
I tried to explain, but he cut me short.

27. cut the ... spoken an impolite way of telling someone to stop doing something because it is annoying you:
Cut the sarcasm, Jane, and tell me what really happened!
Cut the crap (=stop saying something that is not true)! I saw his car outside your house.

28. cut somebody dead to deliberately ignore someone when you meet them:
I saw Ian in town but he cut me dead.

29. cut your losses to stop doing something that is failing, so that you do not waste any more money, time, or effort:
He decided to cut his losses and sell the business.

30. LINE [transitive] if a line cuts another line, they cross each other at a particular point

31. TOOTH [transitive] if a baby cuts a tooth, the tooth starts to grow

32. cut somebody to the quick/bone literary to upset someone very much by saying something cruel:
His mockery frightened her and cut her to the bone.

33. cut to the chase informal to immediately start dealing with the most important part of something

34. cut a fine/strange etc figure literary to have an impressive, strange etc appearance:
Mason cuts a battered but defiant figure.

35. cut your own throat to behave in a way that will cause harm to yourself, especially because you are very offended or angry about something:
He’d just be cutting his own throat if he left now.

36. (it) cuts both ways spoken used to say that something has two effects, especially a good effect and a bad one:
The higher the interest rate, the greater the financial risk – which, of course, cuts both ways.

37. cut the ground from under sb’s feet to make someone or their ideas seem less impressive by having better ideas yourself or doing something before they do

38. cut and run informal to avoid a difficult situation by leaving suddenly:
Although the company has faced financial difficulties, they do not intend to cut and run.

39. cut no ice/not cut much ice if something cuts no ice with someone, it will not persuade them to change their opinion or decision:
It’s unlikely that these arguments will cut much ice with Democrats.

40. cut the (umbilical) cord to stop being too dependent on someone, especially your parents

41. not cut the mustard informal to not be good enough:
Other magazines have tried to copy the formula but have never quite cut the mustard.

42. DRUGS [transitive usually passive] to mix an illegal drug such as heroin with another substance

43. cut your coat according to your cloth to spend only as much money as you can afford

44. to cut a long story short spoken used to say that you are only going to mention the main facts of something:
To cut a long story short, he threw them out of the house.

45. cut it/things fine (also cut it close American English) to leave yourself just enough time to do something:
Even in normal traffic, 20 minutes to get to the airport is cutting it fine.

46. not cut it informal to not be good enough to do something:
Players who can’t cut it soon quit the team.

47. cut a swathe through something literary to cause a lot of damage in a place or among a group of people:
A series of bribery scandals has cut a swathe through the government.

48. you could cut the atmosphere with a knife informal used to say that everyone in a place is very annoyed or angry with each other and this is very easy to notice

5. CRITICIZE cut somebody ↔ up informal to criticize someone in an unpleasant way
cut up

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II. cut2 S2 W2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: cut, cutting, cutter; verb: cut, undercut; adjective: cutting]

1. REDUCTION [usually plural] a reduction in the size or amount of something, especially the amount of money that is spent by a government or company:
There will be cuts across all levels of the company.
cut in
Cuts in public spending mean that fewer people can go on to higher education.
The decision to make cuts in health care provision has been widely criticized.
tax/pay/job etc cuts
A shorter working week will mean pay cuts for millions of workers.
The building plans could be hit by possible spending cuts.
cut of
A cut of 1% in interest rates was announced yesterday.

2. SKIN WOUND a wound that is caused when something sharp cuts your skin:
That’s quite a nasty cut – you ought to get it seen to by a doctor.
The driver escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

3. HOLE/MARK a narrow hole or mark in the surface of something, made by a sharp tool or object:
Make a small cut in the paper.

4. HAIR [usually singular]
a) an act of cutting someone’s hair Synonym : haircut:
How much do they charge for a cut and blow-dry?
b) the style in which your hair is cut Synonym : haircut:
a short stylish cut

5. CLOTHES [usually singular] the style in which clothes have been made:
I could tell by the cut of his suit that he wasn’t a poor man.

6. SHARE OF SOMETHING [usually singular] someone’s share of something, especially money
cut of
She was determined to claim her cut of the winnings.

7. REMOVAL FROM FILM an act of removing a part from a film, play, piece of writing etc, or a part that has been removed

8. FILM [usually singular] the process of putting together the different parts of a film and removing the parts that will not be shown:
Spielberg himself oversaw the final cut.

9. MUSIC one of the songs or pieces of music on a record, cassette, or CD

10. the cut and thrust of something the exciting but sometimes difficult or unpleasant way that something is done:
the cut and thrust of political debate

11. be a cut above somebody/something to be much better than someone else or something else:
The movie is a cut above recent thrillers.
He proved himself to be a cut above the rest.

12. MEAT a piece of meat that has been cut to a size suitable for cooking or eating:
Long slow cooking is more suitable for cheaper cuts of meat.

13. ROAD American English a road that has been made through a hill
cold cuts, power cut, short cut

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. hole/opening made by cutting
ADJ. clean, neat
VERB + CUT make | give a high-quality blade that gives a clean cut
PREP. ~ in Using sharp scissors, make a small cut in the material.

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II. wound
ADJ. bad, deep, nasty | minor, small, superficial He's got a small cut on his finger.
VERB + CUT have | get, suffer She got a bad cut over her right eye.
clean Clean the cut and cover it to prevent infection.
bandage, cover, dress
CUT + VERB heal A clean cut heals quickly.
PREP. ~ on a cut on her hand
~ to One man was attacked and suffered cuts to his face.
PHRASES cuts and bruises

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III. act of cutting sth
ADJ. hair
VERB + CUT have I've made an appointment to have a hair cut.

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IV. reduction
ADJ. big, deep, drastic, large, major, massive, real, savage, severe, sharp, significant, substantial, swingeing | government | financial | budget, defence, education, expenditure, interest-rate, job, pay, price, service, spending, staff, tax, wage They get a lot of power cuts because they have overhead wires.
QUANT. round The company has announced a new round of job cuts.
VERB + CUT make They are planning to make substantial cuts in the service.
announce, propose proposed tax cuts
suffer, take The staff have all had to take a cut in salary.
CUT + VERB come into effect The cuts will come into effect next May.
PREP. ~ in cuts in public spending

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V. piece of meat
ADJ. choice, expensive, good, lean | cheap | cold ~s
PREP. ~ of The recipe calls for a good lean cut of beef.

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VI. share in the profits
VERB + CUT get, have, take By the time the organizers have had their cut, there won't be much left.
PREP. ~ of He takes a cut of the profits.

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I. with a knife/scissors, etc.
ADV. thick Make sure you cut the bread nice and thick.
thinly | cleanly Cut the stem cleanly, just beneath a leaf joint.
easily Sandstone cuts easily.
crossways, lengthways Cut the courgette in half lengthways.
away, down cutting down trees
PREP. from They cut away all the dead branches from the tree.
into She picked up the knife and cut into the meat. He cut the bread into thin slices.
through I can't cut through this wood.
PHRASES cut and paste (computing) You can cut and paste between different programs. | cut sb/sth free Two survivors were cut free after being trapped for twenty minutes.
cut sth into pieces Cut the cake into six pieces.
cut sth in half/two She cut the loaf in two and gave me one of the halves.
cut sth open She fell and cut her head open.

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II. reduce sth
ADV. considerably, drastically, significantly | short His career was cut short by injury.
VERB + CUT try to | manage to We have managed to cut our costs quite drastically.
be forced to, have to
PREP. by The department has to cut its spending by 30%.
from, to The price has been cut from £250 to £175. PHRASAL VERBS cut back
ADV. drastically, savagely, severely, significantly Social work services have been cut back drastically.
VERB + CUT be forced to, have to
PREP. on Local authorities have been forced to cut back on expenditure. cut down
ADV. considerably, drastically | gradually
VERB + CUT try to | manage to | advise sb to
PREP. on I'm trying to cut down on fatty foods. cut sb/sth off
I. interrupt sb/sth
ADV. abruptly, suddenly His thoughts were abruptly cut off by a blinding flash of pain.

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II. prevent sb/sth leaving/reaching a place
ADV. completely, totally, utterly, wholly | effectively, largely, virtually
PREP. from They were completely cut off from the outside world.

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cut costs (=reduce the amount you spend running a business, a home etc)
They cut costs by getting rid of staff.
cut prices
Shops have been forced to cut their prices after very slow sales.
cut taxes/rates
The government is expected to cut interest rates next month.
cut spending/borrowing
In the 1990s, governments worldwide cut military spending.
cut jobs
The bank announced that it was cutting 500 jobs.
cut crime
Cameras have helped to cut crime in the town centre.
sharply/severely/drastically (=cut a lot)
Housing benefit was sharply cut for all but the poorest people.
cut something to the bone (=reduce it to the lowest level possible)
Funding for art and music in schools has been cut to the bone.
cut somebody a piece/slice of something
Shall I cut you a slice of cake?
cut something in half/two (=into two pieces)
Cut the tomatoes in half.
cut something into pieces/slices/chunks etc
Next cut the carrots into thin slices.
cut something to size/length (=so that it is the size/length you need)
The place where I bought the wood cut it to size for me.
cut something open
Cut open the avocado and remove the stone.
cut something lengthways (=cut it in the direction that is longest)
First cut the fish in half lengthways.
cut something cleanly (=with no uneven edges)
Branches should be cut cleanly from the tree.

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BAD: He cut the strip of photographs and gave one to me.
GOOD: He cut up the strip of photographs and gave one to me.
BAD: Then you cut the carrots and put them into the saucepan.
GOOD: Then you cut up the carrots and put them into the saucepan.

Usage Note:
cut up = cut something into small pieces: 'Two-year-olds can't eat meat unless you cut it up for them.'

BAD: I cut the picture and stuck it on a sheet of paper.
GOOD: I cut out the picture and stuck it on a sheet of paper.

Usage Note:
cut out = remove a part of something by cutting all around it: 'Each child had to draw a face and then cut it out.'

BAD: To build the motorway, they will have to cut a lot of trees.
GOOD: To build the motorway, they will have to cut down a lot of trees.

Usage Note:
cut down = make something tall (such as a tree) fall down by cutting through it close to the ground: 'All the elms were diseased and had to be cut down.'

BAD: In the summer I cut my hair very short.
GOOD: In the summer I have my hair cut very short.

Usage Note:
have/get your hair cut: 'When was the last time you had your hair cut?'

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