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collapse /kəˈlæps/ verb

رمبش ، فروریختگی ، فروپاشی ، فروریختن ، متلاشی شدن ، دچار سقوط واضمحلال شدن ، غش کردن ، اوار ، معماری: فروپاشی ، شیمی: رمبش ، روانشناسی: از حال رفتن ، بازرگانی: اضمحلال ، ورزش: از کار افتادن قلب ، برخاستن روی پرتابگر
کامپیوتر: متلاشی شدن

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- fall down, cave in, crumple, fall, fall apart at the seams, give way, subside
- fail, come to nothing, fold, founder, go belly-up (informal)
- falling down, cave-in, disintegration, falling apart, ruin, subsidence
- failure, downfall, flop, slump
- faint, breakdown, exhaustion, prostration
Contrasted words: enliven, invigorate, stimulate
Related Idioms: fall to pieces
Related Words: break up, disintegrate, shatter, droop, fail, languish, weaken, exhaust, fag, flag, play out, tire, weary, breakup, disorganization, disruption, undoing, cataclysm, catastrophe, destruction, ruination, ruining, failure
English Thesaurus: fall, trip on/over something, slip, stumble, collapse, ...

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I. collapse1 S3 AC /kəˈlæps/ verb
[Word Family: verb: collapse; noun: collapse; adjective: collapsible]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: Latin; Origin: collapsus, past participle of collabi, from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + labi 'to fall, slide']

1. STRUCTURE [intransitive] if a building, wall etc collapses, it falls down suddenly, usually because it is weak or damaged:
Uncle Ted’s chair collapsed under his weight.
The roof had collapsed long ago.

2. ILLNESS/INJURY [intransitive] to suddenly fall down or become unconscious because you are ill or weak:
He collapsed with a heart attack while he was dancing.
Marion’s legs collapsed under her.

3. FAIL [intransitive] if a system, idea, or organization collapses, it suddenly fails or becomes too weak to continue:
The luxury car market has collapsed.
I thought that without me the whole project would collapse.

4. PRICES [intransitive] if prices, levels etc collapse, they suddenly become much lower:
There were fears that property prices would collapse.

5. SIT/LIE [intransitive] to suddenly sit down, especially because you are very tired or want to relax:
I was so exhausted when I got home, I just collapsed on the sofa.

6. FOLD SOMETHING SMALLER [intransitive and transitive] if a piece of furniture or equipment collapses, or if you collapse it, you can fold it so that it becomes smaller ⇒ collapsible:
The legs on our card table collapse so we can store it in the closet.

7. MEDICAL [intransitive] if a lung or a blood vessel collapses, it suddenly becomes flat, so that it no longer has any air or blood in it

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II. collapse2 AC noun
[Word Family: verb: collapse; noun: collapse; adjective: collapsible]

1. BUSINESS/SYSTEM/IDEA ETC [singular, uncountable] a sudden failure in the way something works, so that it cannot continue
collapse of
the collapse of the Soviet Union
the threat of economic collapse
His business was in danger of collapse.

2. BUILDING/STRUCTURE/FURNITURE ETC [uncountable] when something suddenly falls down:
the collapse of an apartment building during the earthquake
The ancient abbey was in imminent danger of collapse.

3. ILLNESS/INJURY [singular, uncountable] when someone suddenly falls down or becomes unconscious because of an illness or injury:
The President said he was fine after his collapse yesterday.
She suffered a collapse under anaesthetic.

4. MONEY/PRICES ETC [singular] a sudden decrease in the value of something:
the collapse of the stock market
collapse in
a collapse in the value of pensions

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I. building, etc. suddenly falling
ADJ. sudden the sudden collapse of the bridge
PHRASES be in danger of collapse

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II. medical condition
ADJ. sudden | mental, nervous, physical
VERB + COLLAPSE be close to, be on the point/verge of She was on the verge of nervous collapse.
PREP. ~ from his collapse from exhaustion
PHRASES a state of collapse He was in a state of mental and physical collapse.

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III. sudden/complete failure of sth
ADJ. complete, total | general | virtual | sudden | economic, financial the sudden economic collapse of 2001
VERB + COLLAPSE bring about, contribute to, lead to, result in The war has led to the collapse of agriculture in the area.
face, be faced with | be on the brink/point/verge of | prevent
PREP. ~ into a collapse into anarchy

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I. of a building
ADV. completely
PREP. into Several buildings have collapsed into the sea.
under The roof collapsed under the weight of snow.

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II. of a sick person
ADV. suddenly
PREP. against The man collapsed against the wall and slid down it.
from She collapsed suddenly from a heart attack.
with He collapsed with shock.

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III. fail
ADV. eventually, finally In November the strike finally collapsed.
quickly, rapidly | suddenly | virtually
PHRASES to collapse in the face of sth The scheme collapsed in the face of determined opposition.

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