come in
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come in
Synonyms: enter, go in, ingress, penetrate
Synonyms: answer, rejoin, reply, respond, retort, return
English Thesaurus: arrive, get, reach, come, turn up, ...

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come in phrasal verb (see also come)

1. if a train, bus, plane, or ship comes in, it arrives at a place:
What time does your train come in?
come in to
We come in to Heathrow at nine in the morning.

2. if money or information comes in, you receive it:
Reports are coming in of a massive earthquake in Mexico.
We haven’t got enough money coming in.

3. to be involved in a plan, deal etc:
We need some financial advice – that’s where Kate comes in.
come in on
You had the chance to come in on the deal.

4. to join in a conversation or discussion:
Can I come in here and add something to what you’re saying?

5. to become fashionable or popular Antonym : go out:
Trainers really became popular in the 1980s, when casual sportswear came in.

6. to finish a race
come in first/second etc
His horse came in second to last.

7. if the tide comes in, the sea moves towards the land and covers the edge of it Antonym : go out

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come in
1. To finish in a sports contest or other competition.
He came in second in the hundred-yard dash.
2. To become the fashion; begin to be used.
Swimming trunks for men came in after World War I; before that men used full swim suits.

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