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comedy /ˈkɒmədi, ˈkɒmɪdi $ ˈkɑː-/ noun (plural comedies)

نمایش خنده دار ، شاد نمایش ، کمدی
Synonyms: humour, farce, fun, hilarity, jesting, joking, light entertainment
English Thesaurus: film, motion picture, blockbuster, flick, documentary, ...

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comedy /ˈkɒmədi, ˈkɒmɪdi $ ˈkɑː-/ noun (plural comedies)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: comédie, from Latin, from Greek komoidia, from komos 'having fun, partying' + aeidein 'to sing']

1. [uncountable] entertainment that is intended to make people laugh
comedy writer/series/show/actor etc
a career in stand-up comedy (=telling jokes in front of people as a job)

2. [countable] a play, film, or television programme that is intended to make people laugh:
a highly successful TV comedy

3. [uncountable] the quality in something such as a book or play that makes people laugh Synonym : humourtragedy:
Can’t you see the comedy of the situation?
black comedy, situation comedy

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ADJ. high, low | alternative, black, light, musical, romantic, situation, slapstick, stand-up a popular romantic comedy The show contains some wonderful slapstick comedy.
VERB + COMEDY do, play Does he play comedy?
COMEDY + NOUN actor, actress, writer | film, series, show
PHRASES a comedy of manners
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a comedy series (=a regular TV programme about the same characters)
I used to like the comedy series 'Friends’.
a comedy show (=a performance)
She has her own comedy show on TV.
a comedy writer
He is best known as a comedy writer for radio and television.
a comedy actor/actress
He was voted the top TV comedy actor.
a comedy star (=a very famous comedy actor or actress)
The main role in the film is played by comedy star Whoopi Goldberg.
a comedy film
They were the most successful comedy films of all time.
a comedy routine (=the jokes that form a comedy show)
He always has a brilliant comedy routine.
a comedy duo (=two people who perform together regularly)
the legendary comedy duo Laurel and Hardy
the comedy circuit/scene (=all the people, places etc involved in providing comedy)
She became a major star on the international comedy circuit.
stand-up comedy (=performances with one person telling jokes alone)
He developed a stand-up comedy act.
slapstick comedy (=in which the performers do silly things like falling over, getting dirty etc)
The tradition of slapstick comedy goes back to the early days of cinema.
high comedy (=intelligent and with very funny conversations and situations)
The director wanted actors who could play high comedy.
low comedy (=about very silly situations etc)
He’s a popular actor who excels at low comedy.
light comedy (=about subjects that are not very serious)
He is clearly talented at light comedy.
black/dark comedy (=about subjects that are usually sad or serious, especially death)
The plot contains plenty of black comedy.
alternative comedy (=that is different from traditional types of comedy)
He’s making a name for himself on the alternative comedy scene.
a romantic comedy
'Four weddings and a Funeral' is a well-known romantic comedy.
a black comedy (=about serious subjects, especially death)
There are several murders in this black comedy set in Florida.
a musical comedy (=with music and singing)
As far as musical comedies go, this is one of the most successful.
a sentimental comedy (=about emotions such as love and sadness)
The film is one of those tearful sentimental comedies.
a situation comedy (=a regular comedy TV programme about the same characters)
She starred in a situation comedy about a family with teenage kids, that ran for ten years.
a TV comedy
The actor played the character Baldrick in the TV comedy 'Blackadder'.

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