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commentary /ˈkɒməntəri $ ˈkɑːmənteri/ noun (plural commentaries) [uncountable and countable]

تفسیر ، سفرنگ ، تقریظ ، رشته یادداشت ، (درجمع) گزارش رویداد ، قانون ـ فقه: تفسیر حقوقی
- narration, description, voice-over
- notes, analysis, critique, explanation, review, treatise

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commentary AC /ˈkɒməntəri $ ˈkɑːmənteri/ noun (plural commentaries) [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: noun: comment, commentary; verb: comment]

1. a spoken description of an event, given while the event is happening, especially on the television or radio:
Commentary is by Tom Ferris.
commentary on
We’ll be bringing you full commentary on the game between Notts and Brescia.
running commentary (=a continuous description of something)

2. something such as a book or an article that explains or discusses a book, poem, idea etc:
political commentary

3. be a sad/tragic/devastating etc commentary on something to be a sign of how bad a particular situation is:
The incident was a sad commentary on British football.

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I. on the radio/television
ADJ. brief | live | running (= continuous) She kept up a running commentary on the festivities.
radio, television listening to the radio commentary on the match
VERB + COMMENTARY give, keep up, provide | listen to
COMMENTARY + NOUN box the reporters in the commentary box
PREP. ~ on BBC1 will give a live commentary on the election results.

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II. criticism/discussion of sth
ADJ. detailed | critical | political, social
VERB + COMMENTARY provide The novel provides a powerful social commentary on post-war Germany.
PREP. ~ on
PHRASES be a sad commentary (on sth) (= to reflect badly on sth) The petty quarrels were a sad commentary on the state of the government.

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a radio/television commentary
The royal wedding will be accompanied by a live television commentary.
a running commentary (=continuous commentary while an event is happening)
The coach driver gave us a running commentary on where we were going.
a live commentary (=given at the time the event is happening)
He got into trouble for a remark he made during a live commentary of a football match.
an audio commentary (=a recorded commentary that you listen to)
The DVD extras include an audio commentary by the film director.
give a commentary
His job is to give a non-stop commentary on each moment in the game.
provide a commentary
The helicopter was providing a running commentary to the police control room.
keep up a commentary (=give one continuously)
Attenborough kept up a running commentary on the animals' movements.
listen to a commentary
I was listening to the football commentary on the radio.
a commentary box (=a small room where the commentators on a sports game sit)
He was in the commentary box, microphone in hand.

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