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communication /kəˌmjuːnəˈkeɪʃən, kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun

ابلاغ ، مواصلات ، مراوده ، وسایل ارتباطی ، ارتباط و مخابرات ، ارتباطات ، ارتباط ، ابلاغیه ، مکاتبه ، علوم مهندسی: مخابره ، قانون ـ فقه: اخبار ، روانشناسی: ارتباط ، بازرگانی: نقل و انتقال ، مخابرات ، علوم نظامی: ارتباطات
مهندسی صنایع: ارتباطات الکترونیک: مخابره ، علوم مهندسی: ابلاغ ، ابلاغیه ، ارتباطات ، مواصلات ، اخبار ، حقوق: ارتباط ، مکاتبه ، مراوده ، وسایل ارتباطی ، نقل و انتقال ، بازرگانی: ارتباط و مخابرات ، ارتباطات ، علوم نظامی: ارتباط ، روانشناسی: ارتباطات ، مخابرات ، اقتصاد: ارتباط، ابلاغیه ، مکاتبه کامپیوتر: ارتباطات کامپیوتر: ارتباط

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- passing on, contact, conversation, correspondence, dissemination, link, transmission
- message, announcement, disclosure, dispatch, information, news, report, statement, word
Related Words: exchange, interchange, conversing, discussing, talking, conversation, discussion, talk, advice, intelligence, news, tidings

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communication S2 W1 /kəˌmjuːnəˈkeɪʃən, kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: communication, communicator; verb: communicate; adjective: communicativeUNCOMMUNICATIVE]

1. [uncountable] the process by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings:
Good communication is vital in a large organization.
Radio was the pilot’s only means of communication.

2. communications
a) [plural] ways of sending information, especially using radio, telephone, or computers:
Modern communications are enabling more people to work from home.
b) [plural] roads, railways etc that are used for travelling and sending goods
communications with
Paris has good communications with many European cities.
c) [uncountable] the study of using radio, television, cinema etc to communicate:
a diploma in communications

3. [uncountable] the way people express themselves so that other people will understand:
a week’s course in improving communication skills
There has been a breakdown in communication (=failure to communicate).

4. be in communication with somebody formal to talk or write to someone regularly

5. [countable] formal a letter, message, or telephone call:
a communication from the Ministry of Defence

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I. act of communicating
ADJ. effective, good Good communication is important for business.
poor | direct | open | two-way | interpersonal | regular | electronic, non-verbal, verbal, written | business
VERB + COMMUNICATION have I haven't had any communication with him for several years.
establish | facilitate, improve | prevent measures which prevented the prisoners' communication with the outside world
COMMUNICATION + VERB break down Communication between the two sides has broken down.
COMMUNICATION + NOUN skills | breakdown
PREP. in ~ with We are in regular communication with the kidnappers.
~ between to establish direct communication between the lookout towers
~ by communication by letter
~ with We need better communication with clients.
PHRASES a breakdown in communication(s), channels/lines of communication to keep open the channels of communication
a lack of communication, a means/method/system of communication Letters are their only means of communication.

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II. communications: systems for sending information
ADJ. good | online | global, international | mass | radio, rail, road, telephone
VERB + COMMUNICATION have | cut off, disrupt
COMMUNICATION + NOUN centre, links, network, satellite, system, technology
PREP. ~ between They tried to disrupt communications between the two headquarters.
~ with Paris has good rail communications with other major cities.

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III. message
ADJ. formal, official
VERB + COMMUNICATION receive | send
PREP. ~ about He received an official communication about the reorganization of the Ministry.
~ from, ~ to a communication from the officer to the general

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a means of communication (=a way of exchanging information)
There were no roads and no means of communication with the people in the mountains.
a line/channel of communication (=a way of exchanging information, especially in an organization)
It's important to maintain good lines of communication between managers and staff.
a form/method/system of communication (=something you use to exchange information)
At university, lectures are the main form of communication.
a medium of communication (=a way of exchanging information, especially through televison, art, music etc)
Photography is a very popular medium of communication.
a lack of communication
Disagreements are often due to a lack of communication.
a breakdown in communication (=a failure)
Differences in language and traditions can lead to a breakdown in communication.
good communication
In our company, there is good communication between the various departments.
poor communication
There was poor communication between the air traffic controllers and the aircraft.
effective communication
Effective communication plays a key role in the democratic process.
direct communication
The new system allows more direct communication between teachers and parents.
open communication (=involving everyone in a group)
The system is aimed at creating trust and open communication.
mass communication (=involving many people in a country, the world etc)
Television, radio and other forms of mass communication have made the world a global village.
human communication
Speech is the most effective method of human communication.
verbal communication (=with words)
This activity is designed to improve students' verbal communication skills.
non-verbal communication (=without words)
Your appearance and movements are both forms of non-verbal communication.
electronic communication (=using computers)
Electronic communication encourages more information exchange.
two-way communication (=in both directions)
Train drivers need two-way communication with the signal box at all times.
establish communication
My job is to establish good communication with our hotel guests.
facilitate communication (=make it easier)
Computers have facilitated global communication.
communication skills
Most managers in business spend some time learning communication skills, so that they and their staff can understand each other.
a communication system
The natural communication system for humans is speech.

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