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comparable /ˈkɒmpərəbəl $ ˈkɑːm-/ adjective

برابرکردنی ، قابلیت مقایسه ، قیاس پذیر ، قابل مقایسه ، مانند کردنی ، نظیر
- on a par, a match for, as good as, commensurate, equal, equivalent, in a class with, proportionate, tantamount
- similar, akin, alike, analogous, cognate, corresponding, cut from the same cloth, of a piece, related
Antonyms: disparate

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comparable /ˈkɒmpərəbəl $ ˈkɑːm-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: comparison, comparability, the comparative; adverb: comparatively, comparably; adjective: comparableincomparable, comparative; verb: compare]

1. similar to something else in size, number, quality etc, so that you can make a comparison ⇒ compare, comparison:
A car of comparable size would cost far more abroad.
comparable figures/data/results
comparable figures for the same period of time last year
comparable with/to
The planet Pluto is comparable in size to the Moon.

2. being equally important, good, bad etc Antonym : incomparable:
These two artists just aren’t comparable.
comparable with/to
His poetry is hardly comparable with Shakespeare’s.
—comparability /ˌkɒmpərəˈbɪləti, ˌkɒmpərəˈbɪlɪti $ ˌkɑːm-/ noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be | become
ADV. closely Its brain is closely comparable to the brain of a chimpanzee.
directly, exactly | almost | broadly, roughly | not strictly | not remotely No other country at that time had an organized public opinion remotely comparable to Britain's.
easily, readily
PREP. in The two machines are comparable in size.
to a job comparable to mine
with The earthquake was comparable with others in recent years.

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