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completely /kəmˈpliːtli/ adverb

کاملا ، بکلی
Synonyms: totally, absolutely, altogether, entirely, every inch, fully, hook, line and sinker, in full, lock, stock and barrel, one hundred per cent, perfectly, thoroughly, utterly, wholly
Related Idioms: down to the ground
English Thesaurus: completely, totally/absolutely, entirely, utterly, fully, ...

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completely S1 W2 /kəmˈpliːtli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: completion, incompleteness; verb: complete; adverb: completelyincompletely; adjective: completeincomplete]
to the greatest degree possible Synonym : totally:
I completely forgot that it’s his birthday today.
He had never completely recovered from his illness.
a completely new range of low-cost computers
I’m not completely sure.
Portuguese is pronounced completely differently from Spanish.

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BAD: Then the lights went out and we were completely scared.
GOOD: Then the lights went out and we were very scared.

Usage Note:
See note at VERY 4 (very)

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