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conceivable /kənˈsiːvəbəl/ adjective

تصور کردنی ، ممکن ، امکان پذیر
Synonyms: imaginable, believable, credible, possible, thinkable

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conceivable AC /kənˈsiːvəbəl/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: conceive; noun: conception; adjective: conceivableinconceivable]
able to be believed or imagined Antonym : inconceivable:
It is conceivable that you may get full compensation, but it’s not likely.
We were discussing the problems from every conceivable angle.
—conceivably adverb:
Conceivably, interest rates could rise very high indeed.

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VERBS be, seem | become
ADV. entirely, perfectly, quite It's quite conceivable that she hasn't heard the news yet.
just I suppose it's just conceivable that we've made a mistake.
barely, scarcely
PHRASES every conceivable sth We had to draw up plans for every conceivable emergency.

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