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conclusive /kənˈkluːsɪv/ adjective

قطعی ، قاطع ، نهایی ، قانون ـ فقه: حصری ، روانشناسی: قطعی
Synonyms: decisive, clinching, convincing, definite, final, irrefutable, ultimate, unanswerable
Antonyms: inconclusive
Contrasted words: doubtful, dubious, problematic, questionable, credible, plausible, specious, ambiguous, cryptic, enigmatic, obscure
Related Words: cogent, compelling, convincing, telling, incontrovertible, irrefragable, irrefrangible, irrefutable, unanswerable, deciding, decisive, determinant, determinate, determinative, clear, precise, unambiguous

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conclusive AC /kənˈkluːsɪv/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: concluding, conclusiveinconclusive; verb: conclude; noun: conclusion; adverb: conclusivelyinconclusively]
showing that something is definitely true Antonym : inconclusive
conclusive proof/evidence/findings etc
The investigation failed to provide any conclusive evidence.
—conclusively adverb

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VERBS appear, be, seem
ADV. absolutely | fairly, pretty They produced some fairly conclusive evidence.
by no means, far from, hardly, not very The argument was far from conclusive.

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