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condition /kənˈdɪʃən/ noun

موقعیت ، وضع ، عارضه ، حالت ، وضعیت ، چگونگی ، مقید کردن ، شرط نمودن ، شایسته کردن ، کامپیوتر: وضعیت ، قانون ـ فقه: شرط مهم در قرارداد ، مشروط کردن ، روانشناسی: شرطی کردن ، بازرگانی: شرط
مهندسی صنایع: شرایط ، موقعیت ، وضعیت مهندسی صنایع: تولید: حالت - وضعیت
نیروی انسانی: شرط - وضعیت الکترونیک: شرط ، وضعیت ، کامپیوتر: شرط ، شرط مهم در قرارداد ، فقهی: شرط ، مشروط کردن ، حقوق: وضعیت ، موقعیت ، شرط ، بازرگانی: شرط ، وضع ، عارضه ، شرطی کردن ، روانشناسی: حالت ، وضعیت ، چگونگی ، شرط، مقید کردن ، شرط نمودن ، شایسته کردن کامپیوتر: شرط و شروط ، وضعیت زیست شناسی: وضعیت

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- state, circumstances, lie of the land, position, shape, situation, state of affairs
- requirement, limitation, prerequisite, proviso, qualification, restriction, rider, stipulation, terms
- health, fettle, fitness, kilter, order, shape, state of health, trim
- ailment, complaint, infirmity, malady, problem, weakness
- accustom, adapt, equip, prepare, ready, tone up, train, work out
Related Words: prerequisite, requirement, requisite, exception, exemption, limitation, modification, qualification, restriction, saving clause
English Thesaurus: condition, state, in (a) bad/terrible/awful condition, shabby, tattered, ...

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I. condition1 S2 W1 /kənˈdɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: condition, precondition, conditioner, conditioning; verb: condition; adverb: conditionallyunconditionally; adjective: conditionalunconditional]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin conditio, from condicere 'to agree', from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + dicere 'to say']

1. SITUATION conditions [plural] the situation in which people live or work, especially the physical things that affect the quality of their lives:
Conditions in the prison were atrocious.
living/working conditions
an attempt to improve living conditions for the working classes
Poor working conditions lead to demoralized and unproductive employees.
in appalling/overcrowded/dreadful etc conditions
These children work 70 metres below ground in appalling conditions.
In May, staff went on strike, demanding better pay and conditions.

2. WEATHER conditions [plural] the weather at a particular time, especially when you are considering how this affects people:
The conditions during the first half of the match were appalling.
cold/windy/icy etc conditions
In cold conditions you’ll need a sleeping bag with a hood.
the worsening weather conditions

3. THINGS AFFECTING SITUATION conditions [plural] all the things that affect the way something happens
under ... conditions
Under normal conditions, people will usually do what requires least effort.
Under these conditions, the fire can be rapidly controlled.
Profits increased by £1.5m, despite the difficult economic conditions.
The combination of rain and greasy surfaces made driving conditions treacherous.

4. STATE [singular, uncountable] the state that something is in, especially how good or bad its physical state is
in (a) good/poor/excellent/terrible etc condition
The car has been well maintained and is in excellent condition.
The house was in a terrible condition.
condition of
The condition of nuclear plants is a matter of great concern.

5. HEALTH/FITNESS [singular, uncountable] how healthy or fit you are:
She is being treated at Walton Hospital, where her condition is described as ‘satisfactory’.
in (a) critical/stable/satisfactory condition
One of the victims was in a critical condition after suffering severe burns.
physical/mental condition
If you are uncertain about your physical condition, check with your doctor before trying these exercises.
‘I’m so out of condition (=unfit),’ she panted.
an athlete in peak condition
in no condition to do something (=too drunk, ill, or upset to be able to do something)
I was in no condition to cope with a train journey.
Mark can’t possibly drive home in that condition (=when he is so drunk, ill, or upset).

6. AGREEMENT/CONTRACT [countable] something that you must agree to in order for something to happen, especially when this is included in a contract:
She laid down only one condition: that her name not be revealed.
condition for
There were strict conditions for letting us use their information.
The bank agreed to extend the loan if certain conditions were met.
A statement of your terms and conditions of employment can be found in the Personnel Handbook.
He was released on bail on condition that he did not go within half a mile of his mother’s address.
The application was approved, subject to certain conditions.

7. FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN [countable] something that must exist or happen first, before something else can happen
condition for/of
Our goal is to create the conditions for a lasting peace.
Investment is a necessary condition of economic growth.

8. ILLNESS [countable] an illness or health problem that affects you permanently or for a very long time:
People suffering from this condition should not smoke.
heart/lung etc condition
She has a serious heart condition.
Was he being treated for any medical condition?

9. SITUATION OF GROUP [singular] formal the situation or state of a particular group of people, especially when they have problems and difficulties:
the condition of the poor in our cities
All my paintings are ultimately about the human condition.

10. NEVER on no condition never:
On no condition should untrained personnel use the equipment.

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II. condition2 verb
[Word Family: noun: condition, precondition, conditioner, conditioning; verb: condition; adverb: conditionallyunconditionally; adjective: conditionalunconditional]

1. [transitive] to make a person or an animal think or behave in a certain way by influencing or training them over a period of time ⇒ conditioning:
People are conditioned by society.
condition somebody to do something
Many women are conditioned from birth to be accepting rather than questioning.

2. [transitive] formal to control or decide the way in which something can happen or exist Synonym : determine:
What I buy is conditioned by the amount I earn.

3. [intransitive and transitive] to keep hair or skin healthy by putting a special liquid on it ⇒ conditioner:
a shampoo that washes and conditions all in one

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I. state of sth
ADJ. excellent, good, immaculate, mint, peak, perfect, pristine | fair, reasonable | bad, poor | original The clock was restored to its original condition.
PREP. in … ~ The car is still in excellent condition.

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II. sb's state of health
ADJ. critical, serious | stable Doctors say his condition is now stable.
mental, physical There has been a serious deterioration in her mental condition.
CONDITION + VERB get better, improve Without this treatment, her condition won't improve.
deteriorate, get worse
PREP. in a … ~ He is still in a critical condition in the local hospital.
out of ~ I haven't been excercising much recently, so I'm a bit out of condition.
PHRASES be in no condition to do sth You're in no condition to tackle the stairs.

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III. illness
ADJ. medical | serious | chronic | incurable | rare | heart, skin, etc. | mental She was unable to give informed consent because of a mental condition.
VERB + CONDITION have, suffer from He has a rare skin condition.
be born with All three babies were born with an incurable heart condition.

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IV. conditions: situation/circumstances
ADJ. favourable, good, ideal, optimum Conditions are very favourable for starting a business.
adverse, appalling, awful, difficult, dreadful, freak (only used about the weather), harsh, poor, severe, terrible, treacherous adverse conditions for driving freak weather conditions
normal, prevailing | controlled The experiment is conducted under strictly controlled conditions.
experimental, laboratory | driving, housing, living, operating, working The working conditions in the factory are dreadful.
economic, market, political, social | climatic, environmental, physical, soil, weather
VERB + CONDITION live in, work in/under An enormous number of people live in conditions of severe poverty.
CONDITION + VERB exist, prevail As long as these weather conditions prevail, we are unable to rescue the climbers.
change | improve | deteriorate
PREP. in ~ in normal flight operating conditions
under ~ The samples are heated under experimental conditions.

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V. rule
ADJ. strict | special
VERB + CONDITION attach, impose, lay down, set out the conditions attached to the grant of a residential licence The United Nations has imposed strict conditions on the ceasefire.
accept, agree to They would not agree to our conditions.
abide by, comply with, fulfil, meet, observe, satisfy To get a basic pension you must satisfy two conditions: …
be subject to The bar was licensed subject to the condition that no children under 15 be admitted.
be in breach of He denied being in breach of bail conditions.
CONDITION + VERB apply Special conditions apply to the use of the library's rare books.
PREP. on ~ that They agreed to lend us the car on condition that (= only if) we returned it before the weekend.
on … ~ I'll agree to the scheme on one condition: my name doesn't get mentioned to the press.
under the ~s of Under the conditions of the agreement, all foreign troops will leave by May.
PHRASES a breach of a condition, conditions of employment/sale, terms and conditions the terms and conditions of the contract

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VI. necessary situation
ADJ. necessary, sufficient a necessary and sufficient condition for the eradication of unemployment
PREP. ~ for

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VII. state of group
ADJ. human Work is basic to the human condition (= the fact of being alive).
VERB + CONDITION improve aiming to improve the condition of the urban poor

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lay down/set/impose conditions (=say what somebody must agree to)
They laid down certain conditions before agreeing to the ceasefire.
attach a condition (=say that an agreement depends on something)
Only one condition was attached to this agreement.
accept/agree to conditions
He refused to accept the conditions set by the rebel leader.
meet/satisfy/fulfil a condition (=do what has been agreed)
In order to get a state pension, you must satisfy certain conditions.
comply with/observe a condition (=act according to a condition)
You must agree to comply with the bank’s conditions before you can get a loan.
a strict condition
The US agreed to give financial aid, with a number of strict conditions.
on condition that formal (=only if a particular thing is agreed to)
The police released him on condition that he return the following week.
on one condition (=only if one particular thing is agreed to)
You can go, but only on one condition - you have to be back by eleven.
on certain conditions
He said we could rent the house from him on certain conditions.
terms and conditions (=what a contract says must be done)
Before you buy online, make sure you read the terms and conditions.
be subject to a condition (=depend on a particular thing that must be done)
Permission to build on the land will be subject to certain conditions.
a breach of (a) condition (=an act of not doing what has been agreed)
You can sue the company for a breach of condition.
a medical condition
She has an unusual medical condition.
a heart/lung/skin etc condition
I’m taking some medicine for a heart condition.
a chronic condition (=continuing for a long time and not possible to cure)
People with chronic medical conditions need long-term care.
a common condition
Depression is a very common condition.
a rare condition
He had a rare condition which made all his hair fall out.
a genetic/hereditary condition (=that is passed from parent to child)
The disease is a genetic condition that eventually causes blindness.
a life-threatening condition (=that may cause death)
The surgery repaired a potentially life-threatening heart condition.
have a condition
The baby has a rare skin condition.
suffer from a condition
He has suffered from this condition for many years.

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BAD: You should try to keep the car in a good condition.
GOOD: You should try to keep the car in good condition.

Usage Note:
in good/excellent/perfect/bad/terrible ... condition (WITHOUT a/an ): 'Most of the CDs were still in excellent condition.' 'What sort of condition is the car in?'

BAD: They are forced to live in a terrible condition.
GOOD: They are forced to live in terrible conditions.

Usage Note:
When you describe the situation in which someone lives or works, use conditions : 'Latest reports from the capital suggest that the conditions there are getting worse.' 'How do they manage to survive in such dreadful conditions?'

BAD: How are you? I hope you're in good condition.
GOOD: How are you? I hope you're keeping fit and well.

Usage Note:
in good condition/shape = physically fit and strong because you do exercises: 'Most of the team had kept themselves in good condition during the summer months.'
To enquire about or refer to someone's general state of health, use well or fit and well : 'Sarah has a bit of a cold but apart from that we're all well and looking forward to the summer holiday.'

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See: in shape or in condition , in the pink or in the pink of condition , on condition that , out of shape or out of condition

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