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confuse /kənˈfjuːz/ verb [transitive]

مغشوش شدن ، باهم اشتباه کردن ، اسیمه کردن ، گیج کردن ، دست پاچه کردن
- mix up, disarrange, disorder, jumble, mingle, muddle, ravel
- bewilder, baffle, bemuse, faze, flummox, mystify, nonplus, perplex, puzzle
- disconcert, discompose, disorient, fluster, rattle (informal), throw off balance, unnerve, upset
Antonyms: differentiate
Contrasted words: clarify, elucidate, simplify
Related Idioms: lose in a fog, put in a flutter, throw into confusion
Related Words: misguide, mislead, agitate, bother, discompose, disquiet, flurry, perturb, upset, complicate, confound, involve, mix up, derange, disarrange, disorder, disorganize, disturb, mess (up), unsettle

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confuse /kənˈfjuːz/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adverb: confusedly, confusingly; adjective: confused, confusing; verb: confuse; noun: confusion]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: confused]

1. to make someone feel that they cannot think clearly or do not understand:
I understand the text but the diagrams are confusing me.

2. to think wrongly that a person or thing is someone or something else:
People might well confuse the two products.
confuse somebody/something with somebody/something
I always confuse you with your sister – you look so alike.
Donald Regan, not to be confused with former President Ronald Reagan

3. confuse the issue/matter/argument etc to make it even more difficult to think clearly about a situation or problem or to deal with it:
He kept asking unnecessary questions which only confused the issue.

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I. make sb unable to think clearly; make sth unclear
ADV. completely, totally Seeing the two of them together totally confused me.
slightly, somewhat | further I will try to be brief and avoid further confusing the issue.

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II. mistake sb/sth for another person/thing
ADV. easily You can easily confuse the two paintings.
PREP. with I sometimes confuse Jane with her sister.

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