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consumer /kənˈsjuːmə $ -ˈsuːmər/ noun [countable]

مصرف کننده ، قانون ـ فقه: مصرف کننده ، روانشناسی: مصرف کننده ، زیست شناسی: مصرف کننده ، بازرگانی: مصرف کننده
مهندسی صنایع: مصرف کننده ، مشتری

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Synonyms: buyer, customer, purchaser, shopper, user
English Thesaurus: customer, client, shopper, guest, patron, ...

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consumer S3 W2 AC /kənˈsjuːmə $ -ˈsuːmər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: consumption, consumer; verb: consume]
someone who buys and uses products and services ⇒ consumption, producer:
Consumers will soon be paying higher airfares.
It will offer a wider choice of goods for the consumer (=consumers in general).
Consumer demand led to higher imports of manufactured goods.
Consumer spending was down by 0.1% last month.
sources of consumer advice

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ADJ. big, great, large The UK is the biggest consumer of tropical hardwoods after Japan.
average, ordinary | potential | passive Mass culture turns audiences into passive consumers, their participation limited to the choice between buying and not buying.
sophisticated | domestic, foreign | commercial, industrial | green Green consumers should be wary of manufacturers' claims that their products are environmentally friendly.
electricity, energy
VERB + CONSUMER supply supplying domestic consumers
persuade | exploit to exploit consumers by charging a high price
protect What can be done to protect the ordinary consumer from unscrupulous service operators?
CONSUMER + VERB buy sth, spend sth
CONSUMER + NOUN durables, electronics, goods, products, services the market for consumer durables
attitudes, awareness, behaviour, choice, confidence, demand, expenditure, needs, preferences, spending, tastes | protection, rights | group, organization, watchdog Consumer watchdogs have accused banks of ‘appalling arrogance’ in the way they treat customers.
society We are living in a consumer society.
market | prices | boom Government policy encouraged a consumer boom followed by a deep recession.
boycott The country could face a consumer boycott of its beef exports.
PREP. among ~ two years of research among consumers

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consumer goods/products (=things that people buy for their own use)
Our demand for consumer goods increases all the time.
consumer demand (=the demand for things to buy)
Consumer demand decreased as a result of the recession.
consumer spending (also consumer expenditure formal)
Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending.
a consumer group (=an organization that protects consumers’ rights)
There have been complaints from consumer groups about the high prices charged by some companies.
consumer prices
Consumer prices rose 3.26% in December.
consumer choice
Competition between businesses leads to more consumer choice.
the consumer market (=the people who buy consumer goods)
Our advertising is aimed at teenagers because they are our main consumer market.
a consumer society (=a society of people who want to buy a lot of things)
In the west, we live in a consumer society.
consumer durables British English (=things you buy that are expected to last, such as cars, televisions, or furniture)
Ownership of consumber durables is a reflection of standards of living.
consumer debt (=money people owe because they buy too much)
the growth in consumer debt
a consumer boom (=a time when people spend a lot more money on buying things than usual)
the consumer boom of the 1980s in Britain
the biggest/largest consumer of something
The US is the world’s biggest oil consumer.
the average consumer
The average consumer has become more price conscious.
a domestic consumer (=one that buys in the country where something is produced)
Demand from domestic consumers is increasing.

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