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continuation /kənˌtɪnjuˈeɪʃən/ noun

استمرار ، ادامه ، مداومت ، تعقیب ، تمدید ، قانون ـ فقه: carring over ، ورزش: حرکت مداوم بسوی سبد
- continuing, perpetuation, prolongation, resumption
- addition, extension, furtherance, postscript, sequel, supplement
Antonyms: termination, cessation
Related Words: extension, prolongation, protraction

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continuation /kənˌtɪnjuˈeɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: continual, continuedDISCONTINUED, continuousdiscontinuous; noun: continuationdiscontinuation, continuitydiscontinuity; adverb: continually, continuously; verb: continuediscontinue]

1. [countable] something that continues or follows something else that has happened before, without a stop or change
continuation of
The present economic policy is a continuation of the earlier one.

2. [uncountable] the continuation of something is the fact that it continues to exist or happen
continuation of
measures to ensure the continuation of food supplies

3. [countable] something that joins something else as if it were part of it
continuation of
The Baltic Sea is a continuation of the North Sea.

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ADJ. direct | natural
VERB + CONTINUATION see The years 2000?01 saw the continuation of the university's planned expansion.
ensure | be seen as His research could be seen as a natural continuation of the work done by Professor Lang.

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