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controlled /kənˈtrəʊld $ -ˈtroʊld/ adjective

کنترل شده ، روانشناسی: مهار شده
Synonyms: conservative, discreet, moderate, reasonable, restrained, temperate, unexcessive, unextreme

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controlled /kənˈtrəʊld $ -ˈtroʊld/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: controlling, controllableuncontrollable, controlleduncontrolled; noun: control, controller; verb: control; adverb: uncontrollably]

1. deliberately done in a particular way, or made to have particular qualities:
a test held under controlled conditions
a controlled explosion

2. limited by a law or rule:
Access to the site is closely controlled.
a police search for controlled drugs (=a drug that is illegal to have without permission from a doctor)

3. calm and not showing emotion, even if you feel angry, afraid etc:
a controlled authoritative voice

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