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convenience /kənˈviːniəns/ noun

اسودگی ، راحتی ، (درجمع) تسهیلات
- availability, accessibility, advantage, appropriateness, benefit, fitness, suitability, usefulness, utility
- appliance, amenity, comfort, facility, help, labour-saving device

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convenience /kənˈviːniəns/ noun
[Word Family: verb: inconvenience; noun: convenienceinconvenience; adverb: convenientlyinconveniently; adjective: convenientinconvenient]

1. [uncountable] the quality of being suitable or useful for a particular purpose, especially by making something easier or saving you time:
Ready meals sell well because of their convenience.
the convenience of doing something
Most of us like the convenience of using credit cards to buy things.
for convenience
For convenience, the German translation is printed below.

2. [uncountable] what is easiest and best for a particular person
at sb’s convenience (=at a time that is best and easiest for someone)
These meals can be prepared in advance, and served at your convenience.
for sb’s convenience
For your convenience, the bank is open until 7 p.m.
Services should be run to suit the convenience of the customer, not the staff.

3. [countable] something that is useful because it saves you time or means that you have less work to do:
The supermarket offers a bag-packing service, as a convenience to customers.
a hotel with all the modern conveniences

4. at your earliest convenience formal as soon as possible – used in letters:
We should be grateful if you would reply at your earliest convenience.

5. [countable usually plural] (also public convenience) formal a public toilet

6. a marriage of convenience a marriage that has been agreed for a particular purpose, not because the two people love each other:
In the past most royal marriages were marriages of convenience, arranged for political reasons.

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I. being useful/easy/suitable
ADJ. great | extra All our holiday chalets include a microwave and food processor for extra convenience.
administrative The system is based on administrative convenience rather than public benefit.
CONVENIENCE + NOUN food The children like convenience food such as sausages or fish fingers and chips.
PREP. at your ~ Can you telephone me at your convenience (= when it is convenient for you) to arrange a further meeting?
for (your) ~ I keep my cookery books in the kitchen for convenience. An order form is enclosed for your convenience.
PHRASES a marriage of convenience (= a marriage for financial, political or practical reasons, not love), at your earliest convenience (business) (= as soon as possible), comfort and convenience In this resort you can enjoy all the comfort and convenience of modern tourism.
for the sake of convenience We leave the keys near the front door for the sake of convenience.

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II. sth useful
ADJ. great It's a great convenience living next door to a post office.
modern They wouldn't like to live without modern conveniences such as microwaves.

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