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correct /kəˈrekt/ adjective
correct verb [transitive]

تنظیم کردن ، غلط گیری کردن اصلاح کردن ، درست ، تصحیح کردن ، اصلاح کردن ، تادیب کردن ، علوم مهندسی: درست کردن ، روانشناسی: تصحیح کردن
- true, accurate, exact, faultless, flawless, O.K. or okay (informal), precise, right
- proper, acceptable, appropriate, fitting, kosher (informal), O.K. or okay (informal), seemly, standard
- rectify, adjust, amend, cure, emend, redress, reform, remedy, right
- punish, admonish, chasten, chastise, chide, discipline, rebuke, reprimand, reprove
Antonyms: incorrect
Contrasted words: damage, harm, hurt, impair, injure, mar, spoil, baby, coddle, cosset, humor, indulge, pamper, fallacious, false, wrong, defective, faulty, flawed, imperfect
Related Words: ameliorate, better, improve, redress, remedy, revise, make over, reform, adjust, fix, regulate, careful, meticulous, punctilious, scrupulous, faithful, true, undistorted, veracious, veridical, faultless, flawless, impeccable, perfect
English Thesaurus: right, correct, accurate, exact, spot-on, ...

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I. correct1 S1 W2 /kəˈrekt/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: correction, correctness, corrective; adjective: correctincorrect, corrective; verb: correct; adverb: correctlyincorrectly]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of corrigere, from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + regere 'to lead straight']

1. having no mistakes Synonym : right Antonym : incorrect:
If my calculations are correct, we’re about ten miles from Exeter.
Score one point for each correct answer.
You are absolutely correct, the Missouri is the longest river in the US.
factually/grammatically/anatomically etc correct
The sentence is grammatically correct, but doesn’t sound natural.

In everyday English, people usually say right rather than correct:
Are you sure you’ve got the right address?

2. suitable and right for a particular situation:
What’s the correct procedure in cases like this?
The correct way to lift heavy weights is to make sure that your back is straight.

3. correct behaviour is formal and polite Synonym : proper:
It was not considered correct for young ladies to go out on their own.
—correctly adverb:
If I remember correctly, he’s Spanish.
We must make sure that things are done correctly.
—correctness noun [uncountable]

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II. correct2 S3 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: correction, correctness, corrective; adjective: correctincorrect, corrective; verb: correct; adverb: correctlyincorrectly]

1. to make something right or to make it work the way it should:
Some eyesight problems are relatively easy to correct.
You have the right to see a copy of your file, and to correct any mistakes you may find.

In everyday British English, people usually say put something right rather than correct something:
The problem should be fairly easy to put right.

2. to show someone that something is wrong, and make it right:
Correct my pronunciation if it’s wrong.
‘She’s in Ireland now.’ ‘She was,’ Farrell corrected him.
correct yourself
‘I,’ Lady Deverill corrected herself, ‘we are very happy here.’

3. if a teacher corrects a student’s written work, he or she writes marks on it to show the mistakes in it

4. correct me if I’m wrong spoken used when you are not sure that what you are going to say is true or not:
Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you say you’d never met him before?

5. I stand corrected formal spoken used to admit that something you have said is wrong after someone has told you it is wrong

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VERBS be, prove, seem His first idea proved correct.
ADV. absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, quite What you say is perfectly correct, but it gives the wrong impression.
not entirely, not strictly He is not entirely correct in his assumptions.
basically, broadly, essentially, fundamentally, largely, more or less, substantially His estimate has turned out to be more or less correct.
clearly, undoubtedly | demonstrably None of the explanations offered is demonstrably correct?or demonstrably incorrect.
ideologically, politically (sometimes disapproving) (= avoiding language or behaviour that may offend some groups of people) He was an interesting speaker, if not always politically correct in his views.
legally, technically | morally | anatomically, botanically, factually, grammatically The flower drawings are all to scale and botanically correct.
PREP. in The diagram is correct in every detail. I think I am correct in saying that this project is the first of its kind in this country.

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a correct answer
Lucy got fourteen out of twenty correct answers.
a correct entry (=correct answer in a competition)
The first five correct entries will win £50.
correct information
I’m not sure that I’ve been given the correct information.
correct spelling (=the correct way of writing words)
Copying does not teach correct spelling.
correct pronunciation (=the correct way of saying words)
The dictionary will help you learn the correct pronunciation.
absolutely/perfectly/entirely correct (=completely correct)
What he said was perfectly correct.
not strictly correct (=not correct according to some standards)
The grammar in this sentence is not strictly correct.
grammatically correct (=written or spoken with correct grammar)
Simple sentences are more likely to be grammatically correct than long complex ones.
factually correct (=having all the correct facts)
Articles in the newspaper are not always factually correct.
broadly/essentially correct (=correct in most ways, but possibly not all)
All the evidence suggests that the results of his research are essentially correct.
prove correct (=be shown to be true)
Fortunately, my memory proved correct.

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